valentine’s day: to me, love me! (and a gift for you!)


Maybe I kind of love Valentine’s Day.

I decorated last week and my apartment feels so much happier with a couple of bunches of tulips (how can I not, they were $2 at the grocery store!) and lots of pink and hearts and love prints.

But I also love that I use it as a perfectly acceptable reason to buy things for myself. Pink things and spring things.

My picks for this year include some of my absolute favourite things, some of which I already own and think you should too and a few things I’m looking forward to picking up during the Target Canada sales. (so sad. SO SAD!)

Kate Spade EAT CAKE FOR BREAKFAST mug. I ordered this for myself last week and I adore it. A friend gave me a KS polka dot mug for my birthday 2 years ago and I’ve been hooked since. I have small hands and my palm fits perfectly (absolutely typed purfectly twice…meow) through the handle.

Pink nail polish, cause duh. I’ve been rocking L’Oreal hella pink and touch of romance lately. Canadian friends, check your local dollarama; mine sells OPI, L’Oreal, and Essie for $3-4.

Rollerball perfume. Perfect to keep in your purse. I think every woman should find a great fragrance; Marc Jacobs DOT in my favourite; I adore how it lingers on my clothes days after I wear it. Future man friend…you are welcome!

A new clutch. I spotted this one online and think I need a new floral clutch for spring. Pre-spring?

During the Target sale I’m hoping to pick up a bunch of household essentials, but toothpaste and dental floss isn’t so sexy, so maybe you could pick up a new necklace (my store didn’t have this one, but couldn’t resist 2 others) to go with the clutch and I hope this sweater blanket is still available (hmmmm, only 10% off, I’ll keep waiting). I looks like the perfect transition throw from the faux fur couch winter blanket. To heal those V-Day broken hearts and available at Target, Issac Mizrahi Loves bandaids. I definitely bought 2 boxes and well, love them.

I picked up pink moccasins from Old Navy after Christmas and they are perfect for Valentine’s Day. (can’t find them online, but have seen similar styles at Old Navy and Target)

Yessss! Presents!

So, from me to you, in full 90’s glory I made you a mixtape…kinda. I made you a Valentine’s Day playlist that is not full of “My Heart Goes On” sappy love tunes but an easy listening playlist subliminally about l-o-v-e.

vday playlist

Buying something for yourself? Everything goes well with ice cream! Hinted at your plus one for something special? 

The way to my heart is, of course, hugs and a cinnamon dolce latte!


7 thoughts on “valentine’s day: to me, love me! (and a gift for you!)

  1. I LOVE YOUR PLAYLIST. No surprise there. Lost Stars to kick it off? Love love love.

    1) Love KS anything but I’ve only oogled from afar at this point. I really want a bag. Perhaps a Christmas gift to me.

    2) One of my perfumes of choice? MJ “Daisy.” Of course we’d both have a MJ.

    3) Literally just painted my nails pink with glitter during my lunch break 10 minutes ago.

    Happy Monday!

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