friday, i’m in love


  • I watched the Superbowl last weekend; well, I read and watched the Superbowl, but I watched it. Alone. And I wasn’t even trying to impress a boy. About the time of the first Seahawks TD I figured out I wanted the Patriots to win and was on the freaking edge of my seat for that last play, mourning the loss…then…waitforit…celebrating a Pats win?! INSANE. And it seems I don’t actually hate football all that much.
  • and the halftime show was garbage; except Missy Elliott.
  • oh, and in Canada, there was 148 commercials for engagement rings. Know your demographic much?
  • is there some kind of online dating etiquette where you never mention to a friend you noticed their profile? Asking for friend. But actually. This happened to someone I know and it was weird for her; really really weird.
  • I not-so-slowly morphed from someone who can hardly finish half a cup of coffee to drinking two a day. It’s not the caffeine, I just love it so darn much. And it’s so darn cold outside.
  • have you seen the weight watchers commercial for online chat support and near the end the woman is all “we’re here to help when you get to work and there are doughnuts and you didn’t expect them” every single time I think “fuck yah, I want free doughnuts; how is this a problem?” This is probably why I could benefit from WW and not free doughnuts.
  • tv things: or how my downtime revolves around watching Suits, Chicago PD, Scandal, and Hart of Dixie. It’s a little crazy how much I’m invested and genuinely love getting lost in TV. Especially in shitty, cold-ass February. Obviously I’ve delayed bedtime one too many nights obsessively clicking through Wikipedia to learn about every person on each show. Harvey Specter was Johnny on Because I Said So; of couuurse! And Logan played Gideon on Scandal (looooved him!) Also, I’m still not over that Gilmore Girls reruns aren’t on the Christian channel (so strange) at 7pm anymore…still…like 5 months later. Also also, I want Jonathan Scott to fix my leaky toilet (saaaaad) and renovate my apartment. And then maybe I’ll run my fingers through his hair. Oh shit, this just got awkward…
  • did anyone get to Target Thursday for the first day of liquidation sales? I heard they weren’t great but am planning to head over first thing Friday to pick up some 30% off makeup and jewellry and party supplies I had on my “wah wah target is closing” list. Obviously I have a list of things I’m looking for. YOU KNEW I DID. And peek around the rest of the store to see what else is 30% off. Compared to all the whining I’m seeing on social media, I totally understand why sales start at 10-30% off; stores are anticipating to stay open another 3-4 months and to stay open they need people to keep coming in, not to mention they’d like to recoup as much money as possible. Obviously, tons and tons of people bought stuff Thursday and will continue to do so with low discounts because they risk not being able to buy the Threshold bench, exclusive to Target, that’ll be sold out if they wait. I’m really just looking to stock up on household items on sale. And if I get a good deal on something that’s miraculously still in stock in a few weeks, super.


Since there is ANOTHER snowstorm headed this way tomorrow and Wednesday and a week from Monday, let’s talk snowstorm things (thanks for the idea, sister). Do you hibernate? Go for long walks? Play in the park? I’m typically a big whiny baby; I will absolutely never drive in a storm and opt for storm snacks and movie marathons while reading books in bed wearing many sweaters and fuzzy socks. BUT I think I’m gonna do some work from Starbucks or the library tomorrow (read: use someone else’s wifi to watch Suits and write blogs for next week). Laura suggested blanket forts, which sounds like a good second option.


4 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Missy Elliot totally stole the half-time show!!!! Although, my in-laws were watching with me and weren’t sure what was going on! lol That was about the time they started talking about how great Bruno Mars was last year! 😛

    Also, it’s been a while since I lived through a snowstorm (West Coast = <3) but during our equivalent rain storms I'm a big stay inside, get cozy, read a book, and cuddle with the Husband kind of girl!

  2. thank goodness for Missy! i’m excited she’s back with her own stuff and not just writing for other people.

    i have to check out target soon. thanks for the heads up on those rain boots. they are needed in this chinook business. everything is a puddle right now. ewww.

  3. I have major TV homework to do this weekend (Scandal and Reign) but will get back to you on those important issues shortly.

    Let’s see. Football is super interesting and if you have a team you can follow, I hear from men it’s super hot. Plus, you can then play fantasy which is actually a lot of fun if you don’t go insane about it. It’s the ambiance also! Go to a bar to watch a game. Fun stuff. Though, on the SB, unimpressed with Katy’s boobs. Are they a thing? I don’t know why.

    Clarification: Like a girl friend saw another supposed straight girl friend trying to pick up girls? Or a friend who said they weren’t online dating you discovered actually was online dating? If it is the former situation, I wouldn’t say anything because… awkward. If the latter, I’d commiserate about the awfulness that is online dating. On a similar note, I’m going on a date Monday set up through a matchmaker. No joke. This start up company matches you with people for $20. I figured what the hell, I’d try it. What have I got to lose? I have no clue: how old he is, what he looks like nor what he does. I DO assume he fits my minimum height/religion/educational preferences. Stay tuned!

    Love the Starbucks/snowstorm idea! We’re getting rain, which is also good Starbucks weather. I need to read for book club. I need to cook things. I need to write things. The to-do list goes on.

    Do you like that I write a novel every Friday for your “in love” posts? If so, yay! If not, I’m sorry but you just leave open so many avenues for comment!

    • Clarification: my friend is a female, and the person who mentioned it was a dude we both used to work with who had the biggest crush ever on her and she shut him down; but somehow, now that he saw her profile on eharmz somehow that means he can a) mention it and b) ask her out again.

      I ADORE that you write a novel every Friday! So many comment cues, and I appreciate that you maximize each one.

      Please please please email me next week with a full report on this date. I was watching the matchmaker episode of HIMYM earlier this week. Totally want to hear about your experience.

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