easy like sunday morning

Flour? check!

Eggs? check!

Grapefruits? check! check! check!

Butter? check!

curd and biscuits

I had been dreaming of crepes and grapefruit curd since Chrissy posted about her breakfast for dinner last week but had been dreaming of biscuits even longer…since sister blogged about them when she returned home from Georgia just after the new year.

So of course, biscuits and grapefruit curd it was! I made the curd (which I am always typing crud) on Saturday afternoon so it would be cooled and set by Sunday morning.

Um, wanna know a secret? Curd is not…well…not my jam. (pun intended)

I kind of hate it. The butter tastes too buttery. I know, I want to punch me too…who says shit like that? I love butter! I wanted to love the curd, I did. I tasted it from a spoon, tried it on biscuits, on toast, from a spoon again. I also hate peanut butter (again with the butter hating), sooooo, yah. I’m sorry butter, it’s not you it’s me. Unless it’s just you, on raisin bread or sourdough, then I’m all in. ALL IN.


Those biscuits, though! Hey butter hey! We made up, I see.

So, if you’re inclined to test out curd for yourself this weekend (which lots of people are really into; lots and lots of people on the internet seem to dig it), try out Chrissy’s recipe – I subbed fresh grapefruit juice for the orange juice. Act now and she’ll even throw in a crepe recipe! Perfect for a weekend brunch. Because honestly? Who ISN’T thinking about weekend brunch on Wednesday afternoon…

For the biscuits, if you’re into a whole dozen, go with sister’s recipe. I used Christina’s recipe for a half dozen*, because well, while one person needs a dozen biscuits she does not neeeeeeeeeed a dozen biscuits if you know what I mean.

Was I a sad panda that curd tastes crudy to me? Yep. And then I slathered those puppies** with orange marmalade (because even though I don’t like curd I am still 87 years old on the inside) and ate a few with my latte and saved the others for my beef stew.

All those extra egg whites? Might I suggest fluffy pancakes? My first “easy like sunday morning” post from last year that makes pancakes for one.

* no buttermilk? stir together just less than 1/2 cup milk + 1 teaspoon white vinegar. And I used all cold butter because I didn’t have shortening
** no puppies were injured or eaten while attempting these recipes


6 thoughts on “easy like sunday morning

  1. SUPER BUMMER! Perhaps if you’re out, try to test out some store-bought lemon curd. Sometimes the flavor is all the difference. In any case, we are not twinners on the marmalade either. I don’t like that so much unless it’s “in” something else like a gravy or sauce or something. Big boo but the biscuits look fabu (yup, I said fabu).

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