oh hello, february


cooking: beef stew. cold + snow = stew.

drinking: dunkin’ coffee and cinnamon dolce syrup with milk and cream.

(re)reading: the department of lost and found by allison winn scotch.

wanting: sunshine and hugs; you know, simple things.

looking: for dinner inspiration.

buying: blush tulips on sundays.

wishing: for an early spring.

enjoying: lazy mornings in bed.

crushing: on tv boyfriends; month of love, right?

liking: strawberries; I don’t know why they’re so good right now but they are. yum yum,

wondering: if I should cut my hair again and keep it short or grow it out.

making: small batch biscuits and heart shaped sugar cookies.

loving: brown mascara and marc jacobs dot.

marveling: at how cold it can be. I seem to have winter amnesia and never remember just how bad it is, then boom, windburn and frostbite.

needing: a face cream that doesn’t make me breakout.

hoping: Target Canada has a last minute business plan change…you wanna stay open, right?

smelling: a new candle, but darn you homesense, I don’t know the scent and it’s the most beautiful smell in the whole world; like clean sheets and flowers and sunshine.

waiting: for a sunday kind of love.

wearing: leggings, fuzzy socks, long sleeve t-shirt, and oversized knit sweater (aka: my winter hibernation uniform).

knowing: yoga is beneficial even though sometimes I hate it.

watching: suits!

listening: to smoke gets in your eyes and come a little bit closer.

noticing: that snowstorms are kind of beautiful (even though that pains me to admit that)

thinking: about vacation…and how much the dollar sucks.

opening: the pink nail polish. hella pink or taste of romance, decisions decisions.

feeling: wistful.


7 thoughts on “oh hello, february

  1. I am crossing my fingers that Target will at least allow online shopping for Canadians. I mean, it’s not the same but at least we could still get our hands on our favourite things without having to wait to travel…

    Oh, Suits ❤

  2. I’m the worst #teamjake fan because I got sucked into the Parenthood vortex and am behind on that and Reign! I think Parenthood should be renamed, “The Awkward Show that makes you cringe until you cry.”

    I love hugs, and am definitely not hugged enough.

    Keep the hair long! I had the same conundrum in August and I foolishly cut it and liked it for like a day. Now I’m willing it to get back to mid-back. I miss my cascading curls (ok, in my mind they were cascading, but I do miss my sad excuse for a cascade).

    Pink nail polish. Done tonight after yoga. With a glittery top coat.

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