re-purposing christmas decor for valentine’s day

Don’t you think Valentine’s Day should be, like, on the second Wednesday of February? I mean I get it, history; something about a day where a naked baby gifted lots of sad single women with chocolate while they avoid Facebook like the plague? I’m sure I saw that on Wikipedia somewhere. Because this year, not only do I not have any plans, I also can’t leave the house because Valentine’s Day is not the second Wednesday of the month, it’s February 14th, which falls on a Saturday this year, subsequently making every institution you can spend money in bursting at the seams.

So, ice cream while I watch my tv boyfriend Jay on Chicago PD? Or maybe my other tv boyfriend Wade on Heart of Dixie? Mike from Suits? Don’t even think of telling me to put down the tv boyfriends and get a life.


(obviously a commercial was just on to taunt me and make me cry and roll my eyes at the same time)

Don’t tell anyone, because it’ll totally ruin my sarcastic sad girl street cred (that’s a thing, right?), but, I kind of adore the commercialism of Valentine’s Day and embrace the opportunity to have my house full of pink and hearts. PINK AND HEARTS. Pretty much my 2 favourite things. And ice cream.


Last week I was challenged by the team at Patience Brewster to re-purpose my Christmas decorations for other holidays.  The email came a week after I placed shiny bulbs, a mitten garland, and Christmas prints into storage beside my four foot tree and said goodbye for 11 months; luckily I knew exactly what I wanted to dig out an re-purpose for Valentine’s Day.

Glitter bulbs, of course!


One of my biggest decorating mottos is actually re-purposing and moving things around as much as possible to keep all rooms in my apartment feeling new. I collected the LOVE newspaper print and candles from my living room, my favourite cookbook, my Kate Spade “Things we Love” coffee table book (did you know if you take the jacket off, the book is neon pink?!), my fave J. Crew necklace, and chalk love + hearts on a woodpile print from my bedroom, and novels with pink spines and my agenda from my office and incorporated them with my glitter bulbs in their new heart bowl from Target and mini blush tulips into a glorious Valentine’s Day display that is now perched atop a vintage Silvertone Hi-Fi that has been part of my dad’s family since the 50s/60s.

(Insert ugly tears over Target Canada closing. Whhhhyyy? What’s a girl to do?)


I know what you’re thinking, you went grocery shopping, hemmed curtains, watched an obscene amount of Suits, made fajitas and cookies last Sunday, how exactly are you single? Let me tell you: I’m fairly awkward in person, work from home mainly in sweatpants and greasy top knots, think hockey is boring (essentially a sin in Canada – but lacrosse and baseball are awesome), pick cheese and doughnuts over trips to the gym most days (except Thursday morning hot yoga), and think chips and guacamole and salsa is a food group. And dating apps/websites? Skin suit! (name that movie)


Then again, I have tv boyfriends, flowers, vanilla fudge crackle ice cream, and kitchen dance parties and everything kind of seems ok.

Oh, and cat photos, obvs. Meow.


So… do you have any decorations that can be re-used for other holidays? More importantly; please tells me who you can’t stop swooning over. Is it a tv boyfriend? The barista at Starbucks? The friend you’re totally not supposed to have a crush on and totally do? 


Thank you for thinking of me Patience Brewster! If you’re unfamiliar, Patience Brewster is an artist of handcrafted unique ornaments. Some of their ideas to re-purpose holiday decor? They like to cut up the branches of a Christmas tree to make a wind guard in front of their rose bushes until spring melts the snow cover. In January they arrange Christmas lights in the numbers of the new year and February they arrange the lights into a heart!


6 thoughts on “re-purposing christmas decor for valentine’s day

  1. I love your decor! I must be better about decorating for the seasons. At this, I often fail.

    Why are you single? You haven’t met anyone as awesome as you are yet. This line came to me once drunk in a bar when asked this by a guy and we were both shocked when it came out of my mouth, but in a more sober state i realized how true it was. In vino veritas. We meet the right guy when we meet him, so until then, embrace the TV bfs (mine would be, if I had to pick just one…Captain Hook from OUAT), the chocolate, the pink hearts and good girlfriends, because they are the ones that will always be your valentine, though guys may come and go. Too bad you’re so far away because I’d suggest a V-day road trip to Chicago 🙂 You’re of course welcome anyway, but I realize this may not be practical.

  2. if i did valentine’s day, i would do it with re-purposed glitter bulbs and your white/pink/gold decor. it’s absolutely stunning!

    tv/movie boifs are defintiely a thing. if they weren’t i wouldn’t be dating eddie redmayne as colin clark from my week with marilyn, and we all know i am…sooooo.

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