friday, i’m in love


  • that watch though (bbmhearteyes)
  • just finished Sarah Jio’s Look of Love last weekend; good book, easy read. I highly recommend pretty much any of her novels.
  • have you seen the music video for Sugar? (I’m sure you have.) Dear Mr. Levine, I am not getting married but you can come surprise me anytime.
  • i’m in a serious lunch/dinner rut. I did a great job the first week I was back from Georgia; beef stew for lunch and taco-ish salads (bed of shredded cabbage, ground pork, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cheddar, avocado) for dinner. Yes, the same thing every day for a week, it was easy and yummy. And now? I don’t know. Feeling it too? Maybe there’s a little inspiration in these 10 noodle/rice bowls. I made a version of a thai-peanut-noodle bowl (angel hair pasta, peppers, raw cucumbers, schezwan peanut sauce, teriyaki sauce, chicken) and it was magnificent.
  • it’s been 8 days….so, would this be a good time to tell you I cried when I heard Target stores were closing in Canada? But seriously. I’ve have dissected this at length with anyone who will listen and truly believe there were solutions staring them in the face and they didn’t take them (efficient advertisingbetter stocked shelves, cartwheel, e-commerce) and quit way, way too early. I told Emily (HI EM!) this at our date night on Wednesday (get the spicy green bean from Milestones!). We had plans for dinner and a stroll around Target (obvs) and she threatened to pretend she didn’t know me if I cried. Good news, tear free. But I will miss our Target strolls. And my weekly Target trips, not because I need anything, just because it’s awesome. And of course, OF COURSE, the dollar is total shit and making frequent trips to Buffalo just doesn’t make sense at the moment. (oh, yah, #firstworldproblems)
  • breakfast however, I got that. I am IN LOVE with grapefruit (aka: the perfect January fruit) at the moment. And kiwi. And got some really great strawberries. And the most perfect croissant…from a grocery store. (and that coral knife? from Target….wwwwhhhhhhyyyyyy are you closing??)
  • can we chat about how monograms are weird? I mean do you ever go to sleep at night and be all “whoa, wait, is this my pillow? Yup. Monogram.” “What are my initials? *looks at sticker on coffee mug* aah, AAB. Monogram.” Noooope.
  • tv things: as I said last week, I did indeed devour season one of Suits last weekend. Thanks to my trusty library I have season 2 for this weekend. Obviously, there’s a really good chance I’ll have season 3 in my possession a week from now. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Every lady I know is a little (a lot….hi Jennifer) in love with Harvey, and I know Mike does really bonehead things, but he’s kind of endearing. Chicago PD…ah, this happened in the first minute and I lost all concentration. I think it was really good. Obvs Erin was gonna come back. Scandal next week! And of course, Hart of Dixie, my little guilty please which I just love love love even though it’s so unrealistic. Oh, and Parenthood on the Netflix; still one a day. Just started season 4 yesterday….it’s slowly growing on me. Are families really this melodramatic and overreact about everything? And OMG, safe sex people! Shit.
  • other tv things related rant: anyone watch Hawaii Five-O or NCIS:LA? I do. Ish. Mostly on OnDemand because they’re kind of boring. There is no personal character story line development/advancement. Thus, more Chicago PD which is equal parts bad guys and drama.
  • OHHHHHH, and because I’m a senior citizen on the inside, when the heck did kids these days (yah, I said it) start saying “on fleek” instead of “on point”? WTF?! Fleek isn’t even a word. Related: I have really amped up my usage of rad, so I hope that’s still cool (which my phone consistently tries to correct to “chill”. no)


ps: were you super sad to put away your Christmas decorations? I was…even if it was just last Sunday that I tucked them into a Rubbermaid. Annnyway, I have a fun post for y’all next week to take a few things out of storage and re-purpose them for Valentine’s Day decorations. YES! 

pps: I bet you’d like a single, over 30 chicky like me hates Valentine’s Day. You’d be (sort of) wrong. Let’s be honest, come February 14th I’ll likely be sobbing into a big-ass bowl of PC vanilla chocolate crackle ice cream – and NO, Emily, we are absolutely not going to Fifty Shades of Grey with every other single woman in this city – but the weeks leading up to it? Pink and hearts and more hearts and more pink! Love it! And the Feb 15 half price chocolate isn’t bad either…though, have you noticed V-Day is kind of the worst for day-after-holiday selection? Why does everything have cherry goop in the middle? 




3 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Love Sugar! Too cute. While I don’t think I’d want my real life boy to sing to me (greatest fear), I enjoy famous singers.

    I’m in a super big rut too and tacos are my go-to. In fact, tonight I’m having squash, veggie, cheese tacos. I seem to have run out of other food, but tortillas are always in the house.

    I can’t believe Target is going out of business in Canada. Did really that few people shop there?? I seriously do not understand. I know the exchange sucks for you, but you should go to Buffalo to eat Anderson’s custard and drink Loganberry juice. That should make you feel better.

    You comment about monograms cracked me up and make me guffaw at my desk in a very un-ladylike way.

    On fleek? Is that English? If so, it’s stupid. Don’t start saying it in an attempt to be young. They call it young and stupid for good reason. Fleek reasons.

    And finally…Valentine’s Day is my half-birthday, so I celebrate THAT every year. And each non-goopy, non-cheery chocolate (gross). And NO to 50SOG movie! Save your good money and at least wait until you can rent it!

    That’s it! Happy weekend! Why am I still at work. My tacos await.

    • So, yah because we’re twinners, I get all nervous when other people sing in public; I actually had to stop watching The Voice. I don’t need Adam to sing, he can just come over.

      I haven’t looked for more of an explanation but read briefly in the Jan 15 press release that Target Canada was hemorrhaging money. How is that even possible? I don’t know why people WOULDN’T shop there. It’s heavenly. And OMG YES! Loganberry everything is the greatest; never been to Anderson’s, adding it to the list though.

      Fajitas tonight!!

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