friday, i’m in love


  • I’m day-dreaming about reading in bed. Last Saturday I unpacked in a -25 windchill, made stew on Monday, then refused to leave my house in Tuesday’s double digit windchill (a little because I had the sniffles but mostly because it was -30 when I woke up), ate mashed potatoes, had to take work photos in a sunny, yet breezy -23 when I woke up then -3 4 hours later Wednesday, and now I’m nervous to get in the shower because I fear I’ll never get out because it’s the only truly warm place in my apt. It’s a miracle I left the hot yoga studio yesterday morning.
  • know what else I do when it’s minus 8 billion? make stew. On the stove this week were baked potato soup/stew (omgsogood! so hearty and filling and warm and cozy!) and Jessica’s beef stew. Use short ribs if a) you can afford them, and b) can/want to find them, but this cheap girl’s tip for beef stew making is to buy what’s on sale that week. It braises so long that pretty much any cut is fine. This week I found marinating top sirloin on sale and it was magnificent. Also, if you’re freezing the stew, do not add the potatoes, they get really gross when re-heated. Instead, serve over a fluffy bed of mashed potatoes. Then have a nap.
  • text to bestie that read: “It’s 5pm; I’ve worked, made stew, and emptied my suitcase. Obviously this must be the same sense of accomplishment Columbus felt after discovering the Americas.” Monday was a big day for me.
  • tulips re-appearing in grocery stores is the best thing about January. I picked up some hot pink ones with cream tips.
  • remember last summer when I wouldn’t shut up about Lost Stars and how I couldn’t stop listening to it? Well, it was nominated for an Oscar. Yeeeah. Great song. Listen to it. Looooove it. Listen to it 8000x a month like I do.
  • tv things: so maybe I have American Netflix (don’t tell my Mountie friends; but actually, 2 dudes I know are Mounties, hush hush. Oh and 2 are cops. Shit.) Anyhoo. American Netflix. I’m watching 1 episode of Parenthood each day. I’ve got Suits season one from the library (woooo, libraries! check yours out!) which I plan on devouring this weekend. CHICAGO.PD. THAT ENDING! Yah. My insides are all warm and fuzzy (and blushing). And I convinced Katelyn to watch it because I tipped her off about how steamy tv bf Jay is. And now we’re both in love. Talking tv bfs, Chrissy tweeted me this photo. 2 weeks till Scandal is back. Hart of Dixie tonight.


ps: we aren’t talking about Target closing cause I’m still crying about the announcement. 


4 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Your link didn’t work, but is that “Lost Stars” from the movie Begin Again? If so, I loved the music from that so much that I downloaded the whole album, and it has been on repeat all week. If not, let me know the song and I’ll have a listen.

    Parenthood! I’ve been slacking. I will. I WILL (with same determination that one would have prepping themselves for an actual marathon). One a day is a good plan.

    Stew is sooo good. I’ve been making a lot of soup, but stew is really another level. Must find central American version to make.

    Even though I know what I tweeted to you, I needed to look again to remind myself how wonderful it was.

    • ha, amazing, everyone needs a lot Jake in their day 🙂

      fixed link – thanks – and YES, YEEESSSS from Begin Again. Love the soundtrack.

      I feel like I’ll keep watching Parenthood because I’m invested and it’s cold outside, but I don’t omgloveit. It’s good enough though. And Joel. I watched last night’s new episode and I was underwhelmed.

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