friday, i’m in love


  • hiiiiiii! I’m either at home (in Georgia) still sleeping/packing or in one of three airports or shivering at my grandma’s back in Toronto. I have a lot of mixed feelings about flying home today.
  • baseball fans? did you see John McDonald retired on Wednesday? We fondly remember him from his Blue Jays days. In his first at-bat since returning from his father’s funeral 2 days prior, Johnny Mac hits a 2 run HR in the bottom of the 9th on Father’s Day in 2010. Laura and I took our dad to that game and it’s one of those moments – ridiculous heat wave and all – I’ll always remember. That, and he was a really, really good guy. I sure hope he joins the Jays clubhouse.
  • tv things: he hasn’t verbalized it but I know my dad is bummed we won’t be watching Chiacgo Fire and PD together next week. He thinks they’re great, totally angst/drama-free television. Not so much? I on the other hand thought both episodes this week were super fab! Can’t go wrong with double the Jay Halstead aka: TV boyfriend number one. I’ve made a dent into season 3 of Parenthood and I think Hattie has the most absurd, atrocious fashion and hair style this season. Amber drives me crazy, i can’t stand Zeke, Millie is meh, Sarah needs a new storyline, Joel is still a babe, and Drew is the cutest. I adore the amount of Friday Night Lights ex-actors in Parenthood and references they make (Brian Grazer is the Executive Producer of both…). I should have Suits to keep me company during my hibernation by next weekend. (thank you library!)
  • I had 5 cups of coffee (spread throughout the day) Tuesday and then slept for 9 hours. I win, caffeine!
  • yesterday would have been The King’s (Elvis, obvs) 80th birthday. In his honour, I will definitely be watching GI Blues this weekend. Oh baby, he was a good lookin’ young soldier. Favourite Elvis song? hmmm, not sure, there are just too many great ones.
  • can we please, PLEASE stop saying “broke the internet/twitter”? Trust me, it ain’t broken. It’s working just fine. It’s slow over here, but hey, that’s just the DSL not Canada winning a medal or Beyonce not wearing pants or some ridiculous person showing her butt.
  • maybe I have 5 bags of m&ms coming home with me: peanut x3, peanut butter, and mint. And a few regular serving size bags of birthday cake. You’re totally sick of me talking about m&ms, aren’t you?

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