friday, i’m in love


  • have you seen newyorkromantics on instagram? hearts and love on brick walls? love it! I hate the feeling of holding chalk but I want to draw hearts all over everything.
  • did you do any after-Christmas shopping? I bought enough m&ms I likely own stock in the company. And some other things. And allthesneakers.
  • talking about shopping…Canada, let’s work on bringing Cartwheel to Canadian Targets, yah? (and cake batter m&ms and coconut twix for sister)
  • at home manis? you must must must use base coat. I’m often pretty lazy about this, but sis told me to put the base coat on and I’ve been fairly chip-free over the last week.
  • not to be a total jerk (I’m a total jerk) but I don’t wanna hear about your goals. And really, really don’t want to read about your resolutions. (Unless they involve wearing less pants, right Laur?)
  • salted caramel everything: ice cream! greek yougart! (tastes like pudding.) hocho! and I’m a wee bit obsessed with gingerbread flavoured hot beverages.
  • times at the airport in 2014: a bunch. Times I cried at an airport in 2014: every time. Times at airport in 2015: 1. Times I cried at an airport in 2015: 0!!
  • tv things: I was hesitant to watch Parenthood (although I’m currently half way through season 2) because I heard it toyed with your emotions (hello, I’m a maja-weepa……name that movie). I haven’t cried yet. And I’m enjoying it (and Joel is a babe) (and sister just told me it’s not on Canadian Netflix; to which I responded “I hate my horrible life”…..quote from same movie). Dad is really enjoying my company and likes to watch tv together in the evenings; we watch Jeopardy and then “my shows”, which he makes fun of me for and complains about. And then we do it again the next day. I bet he is so pumped to watch Chicago Fire and Chicago PD next week. I AM!
  • earlier this week sis and I had a girls day: ice cream and pie for dinner watching You’ve Got Mail on tv and face masks (how fab is that photo?! mine was chocolate-orange) and Millionaire Matchmaker in the morning/afternoon. Sooooo, I love Millionaire Matchmaker (a sis fave). Yes, it’s kind of harsh but no one really tells it like it is anymore. Also, what up (season 7, ginger, gay) Scott?!
  • my hands have been hella soft over the last 2 days. Random, but really great.
  • TODAY is this little blog’s 3rd birthday; thanks for reading and playing, y’all! (even if 99% of you don’t watch my stories). Most popular post? DIY glitter frames, of course.



12 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. 1) I just bought three boxes of Xmas cards at Papyrus for next year for $10. No joke. I also bought wrapping paper. I’m all set for next year!

    2) Still trying to track down these cake batter M&Ms. Maybe Chicago is close enough to Canadian Target that we’re influenced by their bad choices on refusing to carry these delicacies of which you constantly speak.

    3) Salted caramel everything- YES. I hope this food trend never goes away ever. I will do my best to keep it alive in my own world.

    4) I also halted at Parenthood season 2 because I heard that Joelia was going to toy with my emotions and I was afraid to go on. My friend has made it to current time, and has encouraged me to keep going because it keeps getting better. How’s that for a 2015 goal? It may be my only one.

    5) Also, Love MM. She keeps it real, and all people in the dating-sphere need to watch it, and be real about it. Men- pick up the phone and call and ask us on a date, not a text to “hang out.” Ladies- don’t’ dress like a skank unless you are one.

    Happy Friday!

    • 1. yesssss. I picked up a few boxes 75% off at Target with a few sheets of stickers for sealing envelopes.
      2. i’ll send you a bag…we have only found the coconut twix in Chicago (summer 2011), man, they were good.
      3. there’s a salted caramel greek yougart, tastes like pudding; it’s a great snack.
      4. because i’m the worst, I read about what happens….WTF JULIA?!……….I plan on finishing S2 before I leave and working a little Netflix hack to access the American version once I’m home.
      5. her rules are the best!

      • I’m unaware of these coconut Twix. Clearly I need to expand my candy horizons from the dark chocolate almond bars from trader Joe’s and take 5s! Will investigate and we can do a candy exchange! And Julia. ..if you don’t want Joel, send him over to meeeeee!

      • cvs (or walgreens) across from millennium park is where we located coconut twix….in 2011. Joooooooel! I want; I WANT! Also, if I were a Chicagoan, I’d be stalking Chicago PDs Jesse lee Soffer. Helllllllo.

      • You should check out Popcorn time. It’s like streaming meets Netflix and has everything up to date the day after it airs. This is how I’ve been keeping up with Parenthood and anything else I’ve been watching. Also, I pretty much cry at every episode. Maybe it’s a parent thing?

        I would really like to try these cake batter M&Ms.

      • Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it out once I’m home next week. Maybe it’s a parent thing…I’m a crier and have been surprisingly dry eyed. Maybe I can’t really relate to anything that’s happened. I do like it though.

        I doubt they’ll come to canada (coconut, cherry, and raspberry m&ms never did) but look if you’re in the states. Look for any of them, so good.

    • hahaha, I’ll let it slide. Just read ’em, they were manageable and realistic. I wish you lots of luck with them……and kudos for not freaking not if you don’t accomplish them; that’s the main reason I don’t make any, I feel like I’m a ginormous failure if I can’t complete them. Happy 2015, Lauren!

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