oh hello, january


making: not resolutions; those are dumb. No resolutions, no goals, no intentions.

cooking: cornbread; a southern New Year’s Day staple.

drinking: cranberry gingerale, hot chocolate with extra whip, and dunkin’ coffee.

reading: Looking for Alaska by John Green. Well I will be soon. It’s on my iPad and ready to be read.

wanting: a nice southern gentleman.

looking: at all my new shoes; these ones and these ones and these ones. (in my defense, they cost just over $100 combined and they’re so pretty and were exactly what I was looking for)

wishing: i didn’t need to go home next week. This Island is spectacular – so much beauty and history (we’re staying a few hundred metres away from that Native American burial ground – Mallery Park is stunning, and my favourite house is just down the lane). Everyone is impeccably polite and kind and well dressed. These are my people.

enjoying: southern accents.

crushing: on ocean sunsets.

waiting: for the new Chicago PD next week. The preview looks gooooood.

liking: all the quality time with sister over the last 10 days.

wondering: what to do this weekend…the front runner is reading magazines in a rocking chair by the pier.

loving: cake batter m&ms.

marveling: at my Dad + Jeopardy. Dude is wicked smart.

needing: a pedicure. Still.

hoping: for 7 more days of sunshine.

smelling: sand and salt water. And Marc Jacobs DOT. I gifted myself a purse size spritzer.

wearing: my new(ish) J.Crew necklace whenever I get the chance. je t’aime!

knowing: I get to sleep in my own bed soon. Soonish. As much as I love this glorious island, I miss my bed and miss my alone time.

watching: Parenthood. It’s my vacation Netflix series this year.

listening: to 60s on 6 in the car. Oldies are the best.

noticing: island things – Dolphins. Fog horns. Shrimp boats.

collecting: discounted (peanut, peanut butter, mint) m&ms

opening: doors and windows. Let all the salty sea breezes in.

giggling: at inside jokes.

thinking: that live oaks and spanish moss aren’t creepy; they’re incredibly beautiful. see?


What are you looking forward to this month?


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