friday, i’m in love


  • dolphins frolicking in the Atlantic!
  • (American) friends, have you tried cake batter m&ms? you KNOW I love me some m&ms and these are so worth it. Love them.
  • we be shoppin’ today. I love a) being on a small island near a small town and b) “boxing day” not really being a thing down here. It’s like a Saturday in April kind of busy.
  • have I mentioned I’m still looking for an American lova so I never have to go home. Ok ok, I’ll come home in May; it gets real hot here in the summer. But palms and sun and sand and ocean and friendly people and great groceries, why come home? Oh, did I mention it’s sunny?! (ok fine, it rained for 4 days but it’s lovely now). OH, and BBQ!

I hope y’all had a great Christmas (or Thursday). It was stockings, gifts, Christmas bread, hot beverages, and Muppet Family Christmas round these parts. I was in Calgary for Thanksgiving, we opted for The Keg instead of a turkey dinner (ah-mazing); I’ve been looking forward to Christmas turkey for months! Like, 11.5 months. So, in another edition of “all my friends say” on the day after Christmas, here’s how we like to enjoy Christmas leftovers:

  • a potato bowl. Layer mashed potatoes then sharp cheddar then (stovetop) stuffing then turkey, cover in gravy and heat in the microwave then top with cranberry sauce. – that’s mine
  • turkey sandwich; bread, mayo, lots of black pepper, turkey, cranberry on the second piece of bread – in that order. – sister
  • turkey soup; throw turkey, gravy. all the veggies, potatoes into a pot and heat with stock. Changes every time because the leftovers are never the same. – Katelyn
  • Madelyn is a fan of soup, too; my best memories are making soup, a soup that just tastes so magical with stock made from the holiday bird. And my mom’s cranberry sauce…which I just think is the recipe from the cranberry bag…it’s delicious as a jam. (seconded, and add orange zest)
  • our family eats Polish food on Christmas Eve (fun fact: so does mine!) so my favourite thing to do is eat leftover pierogies on Christmas morning, with rye bread and sometimes eggs too, if I’m feeling particularly hungry!! – Phil
  • Chrissy‘s family has prime rib or a pot roast for Christmas, but her favourite recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers is turkey cassoulet. She also wants to remind you to have those Christmas dessert leftovers for breakfast the next day! (um, I second that…..and extra whipping cream was just added to the grocery list)
  • I like to take (read: steal) the extra cookies, cakes, and squares from the dessert tray and freeze them for post-holiday enjoyment (insert many christmas emojis). And there are never any Christmas dinner leftovers with the boys (2 brothers) around. – Kathryn

One thought on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I am looking for a Canadian lova because I have this impression that Canadian men are cuter, classier and funnier than American men. You probably disagree, but I’ll look for you, you can look for me and we can all vacation together where there is a lot of BBQ and ice cream.

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