winter reading list

aka: there ain’t no man and no fireplace so I’m cuddling up with my new plaid blanket and my favourite winter books.


And coffee. There’s always coffee.

Back in August I shared my summer reading list (going on a tropical winter vacation? maybe you should have a peek and take one of those with you), so now, just in time for some winter holidays, this is what I’ll be reading over the next few months.

None of these are “Christmas” books but are set in winter months; there is snow and cold and bourbon and cafes and the occasional christmas tree. I don’t know about you, but I’m not always keen about reading books that beautifully describe sand and sun and summer flings in the depressingness that is a Canadian winter. Actually, maybe I should. It took me all of 4 seconds to realize I’m not that kind of girl, I’m a seasonal book kind of girl.

These aren’t new, you’ll likely easily find them at your local library (another plug for my love of libraries….they’re the best). Enjoy!


What are you currently reading? On your list? Hoping Santa delivers? I tried to pack light so have Looking for Alaska on my iPad and borrowing Girl Boss from sister for my vacation reads for the next few weeks…and the last 3 months of Glamour and Marie Clare. 


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