friday, i’m in love


  • you know what doesn’t suck? palm trees at the pier at dusk! and palm trees at Target! and 23°C in the middle of December!
  • oh and eating BBQ outside and then coming home smelling like a (meaty) campfire.
  • and and, we crossed the border and I was ready for football……and I hate football. It’s a contagious American virus I guess. Bring on the SEC bowl games.
  • if you can walk past a bag of marshmallows at the grocery store and not poke the bag you’re a stronger person than I am. At Target on Wednesday Dad says “hey, they have gingerbread marshmallows, who the heck would buy those?”. Um, meeee? I didn’t but damn, I sure wanted to. So soft and pillowy and gingerbready and sugary. Also, these homemade chocolate dipped coconut marshmallows. Sugar fairy godmother? Make me some! Marshmallow. Marshmallow. Marshmallow. It’s such a fun word!
  • tv things: we didn’t chat about the Chicago PD finale last week. I know, I know, you don’t watch it so you don’t care. Gosh darn I need new internet friends who watch all my stories; at least Chrissy plays along during Scandal season (hearts!). Anyhoo, it was fantastic, like always, and I swooned, like always. The end?! I kind of had a feeling something was gonna happen. BUT THAT ROBBERY AT THE BEGINNING? To say it was kinda sexy is wrong, right? Moving on… You probably didn’t see the early premiere of Hart of Dixie, either. Sigh. I think it’s the last season and I’m already sad. BUT BUT, my dreamboat fake tv boyfriend Wade Kinsella is in Astronaut Wives in 2015, so, there’s that. And you know, another 12 episodes… Did you see the Michael Bublé Christmas special Wednesday? It was ok. I’m a big fan of miss piggy, I am not a fan of Ariana Grande or Barbara Streisand, and I own his Christmas cd from a few years ago, so, meh. My vacation Netflix show this year? Parenthood.
  • my “holiday” manicure? L’Oreal hella pink. aka: not christmassy at all. I’m really not a red nails kind of girl. Also, hella pink is the exact same shade as my mouse; you can never over-accessorize in the southern states.
  • you know how when I wake up in the middle of the night a song pops into my head? Well earlier this week it was a medley starting with One Day More (Les Mis) to We Need A Little Christmas (Glee version) to All About That Bass. Yah. I’m crazy.
  • dunkin’ donuts coffee! 1 bag for the next month, 1 bag in my stocking, a few bags to come home with me.
  • kitten massages! Sister sent this to me yesterday and somewhere in my response was the word “puuurfect” – I’m THAT girl.
  • sister. TOMORROW!

are you off for the holidays now? what’s up in your world this weekend? 


4 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Welcome to the USA. My thoughts:

    1) I so fell off the HOD wagon last season, but maybe that will be my Christmas watch. AND, last polar vortex I made it through 2 seasons of Parenthood and then got distracted by non-vortex life, but I will join together with you to make it happen because it is such a great show and really, it needs to happen and then we can talk about it and create more fun hastags like #Joeliaforever. You’ll get when I mean.

    2) Also own the MB Xmas album but also strongly dislike Ariana Grande. I mean, she just LOOKS bratty. I can’t imagine that she is not. Or that she’s that good of an actress, but then why act bratty? Missed the special this year and it sounds like life will go on just fine.

    3) I would say don’t cheer for the SEC. Cheer for the underdogs, none of which the SEC are 🙂 And if you’re watching Notre Dame vs. LSU, please cheer for ND at the request of your internet friend.

    4) You hoard DD coffee like I hoard Tim Horton’s when I go home. It’s funny.

    Happy Christmas! And happy vacation!

    • You’re my favourite in the whole (internet) world!
      1. oh, I think I know where it’s going #Joeliaforever for sure! Joel is a babe! I’m 5 episodes in and I’ve cried 87x. Some of S3 of HOD was just bad; I was annoyed for Zoe to pine for Wade (hot damn) while she paraded her other boif around.

      2. yes and yes. Just close your eyes and listen to the CD and life will be better.

      3. More like the not so great SEC teams; I’m deep in Bulldog territory. If I come across the ND-LSU game I’ll cheer for ND…even though I know a few people who went to LSU. Shhhhh….

      4. I’ll send you Tims any time you’re low!

      I’m sending you an email next week re: holiday leftovers, you can start thinking about your favourites now 🙂

      • Joel IS a babe and if I identify with any character it’s Julia, for better and for worse. And who wouldn’t want to be a Braverman? I wish I could be adopted by them in the same way I wanted to be a Seaver back in “Growing Pains” days.

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