friday, i’m in love

fiil.d12 (spot the photo taker….this is the window display – how cute?! – at Blush in Guelph. Yah, I bet you know them from their beautiful insta account)

  • Terry’s chocolate orange! (milk not dark, no toffee pieces either)
  • one of our clients is McDonalds; last week my Dad responded to an email from them with “I’m Lovin’ It”. Yah. That’s my Dad…………and it’s awesome.
  • oh, just some baby pandas. You know, Friday things. (from sister to me to you)
  • in the middle of telling me a (crazy) story about her most recent suitor over dinner Tuesday, the (stage 5 clinger) dude texted. Dear TV and media it’s not just bitches that be crazy. Oh my. (dinner dates with Emily are the best! it’s a shame that Greek Garden with Richard Wednesday just isn’t gonna be as fabulous…ha.)
  • btw, Emily and I are both #teamAdam (specifically, Matt) in The Voice finals. What about you?
  • I most absolutely had a peppermint mocha (homemade) and popcorn for dinner. Then worked till 9:30pm (hiiii, it’s Thursday night), but then there was the (2012) Blake Shelton Not-So Family Christmas special. The Christmas version of Home; gets me every time. I love it – it’s actually the first song on my iPod Christmas playlist.
  • Imma be at the beach on Sunday afternoon and I can.not.wait to get out of OnTerrible. And crazy excited for 2 days of sunshine in the same week, that doesn’t happen in this province, not in the winter anyway.
  • don’t feel like working this afternoon? Might I suggest you catch up on The Everygirl home tours. I check them once every month or two and swoon over the bright and airy spaces.
  • that one time ShawFireLog (Canadian TV provider TV channel dedicated to playing christmas tunes with a feed of a roaring fire) tweeted “oh so now EVERYONE is on tinder” and I nearly died of laughter. See guys? I’m not crazy when I thought “on tinder” meant on fire last year. Also, their twitter is full of fire/tinder puns and it’s amazing.

Let the 30 days of famjam begin. But actually 30…I counted.


3 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Do you need some examples of how dudes also be crazy? Messages received by my online dating friend:

    “do you like laser tag and dancing at gamer bars?” a
    “I want to eat burritos with you til we’re both stuffed.”

    And that’s all they write.

    I mean, really? SWOON.

    • hahaha – AMAZING (but not actually). Eating burritos is great and all, but maybe not prime date activity….nor is dancing at gamer bars for that matter. Actually, what the heck is a gamer bar? I totally never want to find out!

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