stocking stuffers


The first thing to always be added to my stocking list? pink oral-b pro health toothbrush. I pouted the year my mom thought the neon green, run of the mill one from the Coscto superpack under the sink would be an acceptable replacement. If that isn’t the biggest, fattest #firstworldproblem I don’t know what is.

I love stockings (and stalkings)! It’s the perfect opportunity to replenish all the necessities – toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, razors – and also be treated to a little something indulgent. Since photos of bathroom staples aren’t the most glamorous, but in addition to a magazine and coffee/tea/ho-cho is totally what’s in Bridgman stockings, I’ve put together a list of items I think any lady would love to see Santa deliver come December 25th.

blank note cards (try Winners/TJMaxx, I love their selection) * slippers * mug and hot cocoa mix * mitts * ornament * candle * gift card *

Other great ideas: lip balm, nail polish, a magazine or new book, dvd, maybe a roller ball perfume (ahem Santa? Marc Jacobs DOT roller ball in my stocking would be hella nice), and some sticky9 magnets (use the code FRIEND101I8 for 15% off your order).

Have a letter writer in family? Can’t go wrong with some blank cards/stationary, stamps, stickers, and some new pens. Or perhaps a monthly stationary subscription?

Gym rat? What about a lululemon gift card, some protein bars, a new headband, maybe some fun laces or new ear buds (yurbuds – can be purchased at target US/CAN – are my absolute favourite and don’t hurt or fall out of my small ears)

For dudes? I have no idea. Does he like mouthwash, tea, Reese peanut butter cups, new socks, or trail mix? Cause that’s what goes in my Dad’s stocking.

Want to include something handmade? Try a glittered mason jar vase (perfect for the flowers I’m sure you’ve brought) or maybe a calendar? (use sister’s code SCRIBBLESNSASS till December 18th for 55% off and free Canadian shipping at  Homemade? Our family is a big fan of rosemary pecans, orange-cranberry (christmas) bread, and pecan crescents.


What’s on your stocking list? 

ps: I’ve been seeing these stocking gift guides with J-Crew necklaces and bottles of perfume. Really Santa?  Aren’t those GIFTS? Some of y’all have very generous MommaSantas. 

pps: The EveryGirl put together a wicked gift guide: girly girl, trendsetter, decorator, hostess, cooking enthusiast, worker bee, creative types, traveller, outdoorsy girls, moms, dudes, kiddos, <$10 stocking stuffers! 


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