friday, i’m in love


  • hi, my name is Allison and I’m addicted to buying things from JCrew Factory on free shipping day. 40-70% off and not paying $9.95 for shipping, how could you (I) not?!
  • an ultimate gift guide: girly girl, trendsetter, decorator, hostess, cooking enthusiast, worker bee, creative types, traveller, outdoorsy girls, moms, dudes, kiddos, <$10 stocking stuffers!
  • OMG baby bear kisses! and swims! and doesn’t he look like he is just full of love!?
  • tv things: I’m fairly certain the lasting memory from the fall finale of Chicago Fire wasn’t supposed to be the HOPEFUL end of Casey and Dawson, but that’s all that’s sticking. HOORAY! You know I can’t stand them. She’s so whiny and awful and he’s so lovely. The medics are gonna be found, the baby will live (and he’ll totally have a hyphenated name). I’m almost done Felicity (3 episodes left). Hello only 4 seasons and perks of working from home. I just can not believe she picks Ben. I can’t get over it. #tvisreallife
  • another Felicity thing. Someone says “can I talk to you for a second?” a few times every episode. If you’re binge watching make this part of your drinking game. I was in University (like 100 years ago, actually I graduated in ’06 and still get asked what I’m taking and get the student discount. And it’s awesome) and was in a relationship and had over-dramatic friends and there was not that much talking about serious things. No one I know got pregnant, either. OMG look into birth control people. And no one got married, not until the summer after they graduated anyway. And sweet baby jesus, celebrities have smaller apartments than the girls’ “dorm”.
  • (ok, I’m done with Felicity. By this time next week I’ll be done with the series – heck if you read this past 1pm Friday I’ll be done – and we can talk about the Chicago PD fall finale. And made-for-tv Christmas movies)
  • I was feeling all the feels the other night and needed cake. NEEDED. Like if I don’t have cake NOW I will cry more than I already am. And when you’re miserable you do not want to put effort into cake; enter this mug cake! I know you probably think baking a cake in the microwave sounds awful, but this is so rich (like super rich, I didn’t add the chocolate chips) and delicious and really, really good topped with fresh whipped cream. (totally heating up the second mug now…I saved the second serving in the fridge, keep fine a day or two)
  • lastly, I am totally a list person, but I have lists everywhere. 3 stocking lists, a just-a-few-things-so-I-don’t-starve-for-the-next-5-days-but-I’m-totally-trying-to-empty-the-fridge grocery list, packing list, to-do-before-I-leave list, work list, Christmas gifts to buy in Canada list, Christmas card list, to buy in the USA list. I’m soon to add “make more mug cake” on the chill pill list and throw the rest in the garbage.
  • (but we all know that isn’t going to happen cause I’m crazy and I love lists)

One thought on “friday, i’m in love

  1. that mug cake looks delicious, but i sadly don’t have a lot of those ingredients and i’m not sure if i can justify buying them for cake…because then i’ll make it often. oops!

    right!? …about the birth control. i sadly know many people who got “accidentally” pregnant in university. they were pretty stupid. let’s talk for a second how babies are made…

    also, i love your lists.

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