oh hello, december


making: lists! stocking list, christmas card list, packing list, grocery list (making these power balls next week for my and Dad’s travels).

baking: mini cookies (recipe coming soon).

reading: just started “I Don’t Know What You Know Me From” by Judy Greer (interesting, I like biographies; but definitely a borrow from the library book, not a purchase from the store book). “Looking for Alaska” by John Green is up next.

wanting: the sun to come out. Winter in Ontario is long and cold and DARK.

looking: for street art. It’s my new favourite thing.

playing: this video of Munchkin the Shih Tzu on a treadmill. I swear if every person in the whole world watched this we could achieve world peace. How could you be mad after seeing this? It’s a DOG in a TEDDY BEAR costume! C’mon!

wishing: I bought this scarf from Target before it was sold out everywhere. It is a curse of mine to really like something about a month AFTER I should then slowly torture myself checking every store till I stop sulking and eventually just get over it. I tried it on twice and didn’t buy it, mostly cause I’m a moron. Or maybe (hopefully) because I like it more in theory and it really wasn’t that great in real life.

enjoying: a second afternoon coffee in addition to my breakfast cup.

drinking: said coffee. It’s brewed at home: starbucks caramel coffee + cream + 1 teaspoon of toffee nut syrup. Have you tried the Chestnut Praline latte yet? Very tasty treat.

crushing: honey nut cheerios. And a few man-on-tv crushes, nothing new.

waiting: for my black friday purchases to arrive. I know…that was technically not even 1 business day ago; I’m quite impatient. I LOVE shopping online because I LOATHE big crowds, but hate the waiting involved.

liking: navy, hunter green, burgundy. Pretty much anything in that colour palate.

loving: how soft my skin is after hot yoga. Hello detoxification.

wanting: a plaid shirt. Unfortunately button-ups don’t work for me

needing: shampoo & conditioner. I’m fairly certain I can make till I leave though. 3 cheers for short hair.

hoping: it doesn’t snow for the next 2 weeks.

smelling: Bath & Body Works champagne toast and frosted cranberry candles.

wearing: scarves.

knowing: I get to see my sister in 3 weeks. I’m so excited!

watching: made for tv Christmas movies. I can’t help myself, they’re so good. Well, they’re actually just awful and predictable but I love them. And Felicity.

listening: to christmas tunes! it’s december, I can do that now.

noticing: the little things.

thinking: about the beach.

opening: the windows (on Sunday). It’s was a freak 13°C Sunday and back to -12°C tonight. 25 degree temperature swings really effs with a person.

giggling: at the word “balls”. Every.single.time.

feeling: a little bored. A little lonely. A little anxious. A little excited about holidays.



3 thoughts on “oh hello, december

    • The website says even Brunswick is sold out. I’ll check closer to when we leave, there IS a Target in Rock Hill where we’ve already booked a hotel. I’m 99% sure I don’t think it looks right on me but am obsessed about it even though I shouldn’t have it. I have issues.

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