friday, i’m in love


  • winter skin care…aka: I’m still looking for a face cream that doesn’t make me breakout. Maybe these will help if you’re looking for the perfect winter cream, too.
  • thanksgiving may be over, but this is a good reminder for Christmas supper: it’s just a meal.
  • I’m currently re-watching Felicity. Oh the angst! I forgot how serious it was; and a little slow moving. Although that observation may be because I just finished re-watching seasons 1-3 of Scandal, which are not slow paced. (also, teamscottfoley!)
  • After 11 episodes, “Felicity” should actually be called “All the Girls be Lovin’ Ben”. Sure, he was the popular one and has hella great hair, but Noel! NOEL! Yes, technically he was dating someone when he used Boggle as a move, but he’s sensitive and sweet (and grows up to be Jake Ballard, and that’s a good thing). Ben or Noel? For everyone who would have chosen Noel over Ben.
  • the sun came out for approximately 20 minutes this week. aka: I’m cranky. BUT I have slept a lot. I’m pretty much ready for bed by 8:30pm – and in pjs around 6 – since it’s been dark all day and the sun sets well before 5. Winter blows. Pre-winter also blows.
  • last night I had the ghosts of boyfriends past set of dreams. 3 very vivid, very I-remember-every-detail dreams of past bfs/crushes coming back into my life to remind me they never loved me and they’ve moved on. Dream number 4? My apartment burned down and the older, not-so dreamy cast of Chicago Fire came to put the fire out. I’m a bit of a sad panda today.
  • Doing any Black Friday shopping this weekend? Um…”Black Friday” sales can’t start on Wednesday, retailers. Defeats the whole purpose of Black FRIDAY. How about “late November sales”?
  • On that note, I don’t love Christmas but I do love this whole merry holiday feeling and love the winter decorations. BUT, why does this start in October? Why is the Santa Claus Parade the middle of November? Why do we have to draw this out? BUT, I pulled out my decorations earlier this week (mostly for blog photo purposes…and then the sun never came out and I have yet to photograph projects) and realized nothing I have is Christmasy, it’s wintery. So, I put them all up and am enjoying mitten garlands, large vases full of shiny bulbs, red polka dot frames, plaid throws, and snowflake pillows. Tree goes up December 1…or when the sun comes out for a blog photoshoot, whichever comes first.
  • I also switch up a few of my prints for winter. I have this tartan deer (25% off with code GIVETHANKS) and this “baby it’s cold outside” 8×10 (30% off with code GIVETHANKS). Sales good through December 1.

3 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I’ve been avoiding the Target holiday section but thanks to this post I may need to venture over there this weekend and check out that adorable garland for my fireplace mantel….

    I totally agree about Christmas being so drawn out. December 1 at the earliest is when it should start. It’s just too much.

  2. I love Christmas, but really, October? No. That being said, I’m excited about decorating today. And, if you’re looking for a new series to watch- Reign! That was my holiday weekend binge watch. There really aren’t that many shirtless men, but it was still very watchable. On that note, I leave with my support of #teamscottfoley. 🙂

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