friday, i’m in love


  • that photo up there? Credit of explorecanada on instagram is taken about 7km from my house. Oh yah, it snowed all day Monday. And Wednesday night. And Thursday afternoon.
  • I’m wearing mitts. Well, fingerless mitts. Inside. At my desk. Mostly cause even though there’s been 15cm of snow this week (and thank the baby jesus it isn’t 7 feet; poor south Buffalo) it’s actually still November and still fall and I don’t have the heat on. I’m wearing a tank, long sleeve shirt, sweater, the mitts, knee socks, pants, slippers and have a blanket draped over my shoulders. And candles lit. Sure, I shoooould put the heat on but it’s gonna be warm on Sunday. And I’m stubborn. Also: 27 things girls who are always cold know to be true.
  • can we pretend this is 1996 and we’re teenagers bopping to some BSB at our sleepover and talk about boys? What are our thoughts about People’s Sexiest Man Alive? Chris Hemsworth? Is this an attempt to get younger people to purchase the magazine? Is it cause housewives are really into cradle robbing (which, play on playa; me too!) Do I not get it cause I’ve never seen anything he’s been in? Is it cause I demand to be different and don’t typically have a crush on the “it” dude? Is it because this is actually 1996 and I’m so over the floppy hairstyle? (except when wee Leo rocked it on Growing Pains.) Who would have been your pick?
  • did you read about how I always carry safety pins because I once had to tape my pants back together? By that I mean come be a creeper; I spilled my purse over on sister’s blog earlier this week. And if you stay in a hotel that supplies Gilchrist & Soames please sweet talk the maids and steal some for me?
  • now that it’s cold and dark all the time (why the effff does the sun set before 5?) I want to snack all afternoon. This may also be because we aren’t too busy and I’m bored. Anywho, do you have an afternoon snack that actually keeps you full till dinner? Essentially I would love to have a lifetime supply of peanut m&ms, but that’s probably not the right solution. I’ve also taken to drinking a cup of afternoon coffee, mostly to stay warm and prevent me from napping. Which, is all mind games cause I can have espresso and go right to bed.
  • tv things! Were you fidgity with shifty eyes when Halstead and Lindsay went undercover at the sex club? Is it just me who gets all uncomfortable when sexytimes things happen on tv? I was blushing. In our family we say “hmmmm” when something like that happens. My mom used to do it subconsciously and it’s hilarious and now sister and I (consciously) hmmmmmmm at allthesexythings. You KNOW Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) would be on my Sexy Man List. So would Scott Foley (#teamjake). Let’s segue to Scandal, yah? WHOA! Jake (still) lives! Sure Olivia has screwed up parents, but how exactly does she get to makeyouty with the president and the hot dude and boss everyone around and yell at her friends and never tell them the whole story and somehow everyone still loves her? But that winter finale! I did NOT expect that from the Vice President. And maybe they can skip the dance parties in 2015? (and my most favourite spoiler filled recap)

5 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. i know that bridge! i really love that bridge. looks too cold to go for walks on right now though.

    is 8:41 a.m. too early for peanut m&ms. i’ve been craving them since you and Danielle posted about them on monday. repeat after me: booty shorts on Dec 10. okay, no m&ms.

  2. Ok. First, snacks. I have come to just full out eating dinner at 5 pm when I get home to avoid snacking because otherwise I’d eat all the chocolate chips in my pantry before dinner. Now I only eat half of them after dinner. Win-win for me and my jeans. And I’m clearly 100 years old. Second, CH. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anything that he’s been in. Agree about the floppy hair. Let’s just say it’s #Jakewithhisshirtoff and call it a day. On that note, still #teamjake, want him to come dance in my living room in his underwear and am glad that he is still alive (were you also holding your breath for some sort of sniper attack during the dance party?). Also, agree about Liv. How selfish is she that she was like “I want Vermont and to stand in the sun.” How unfair is that? Pick one, and they both bow to her! Still, love it and all. Glad everyone is still alive. 🙂

    • So, we’ve officially twins – I bought a new big-ass bag of chocolate chips last week because when things are tiny calories don’t count. I was all “Jake is getting shot, he finally took his shirt off, this is it”. I do have making-dinner kitchen dance parties, he’s totally invited. Our bf Jake IS indeed included in People’s list and he does have a shirt on, but it’s cuffed to show off the pipes. So sexy. The issue is on my list to get at Target this weekend.

      • Holy crap. I ALSO have making dinner dance parties. I was just telling someone about them today with no shame. We are so twins. I meant to get the People yesterday. I actually use that and the “most beautiful people” issue as wrapping paper for my girlfriends all year 🙂

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