the great canadian west coast road trip: calgary


The drive from Okanagan back to Calgary isn’t the greatest. Not till you get back onto Hwy 1, anyway. It starts with a half hour around Lake Okanagan, which actually, is wonderful; then through Kelowna, then you follow a bunch of one way deserted country streets which are perfect for late night body dumps. But seriously, we drove past a lot of “we couldn’t possibly spontaneously stop here (not that we were looking for somewhere to stop) because we are soooooooo gonna get Criminal Minds-like murdered and dumped in that lake.”

Any feel-good shows I should be watching instead? Maybe I should make more time for Carebears and Sesame Street.

Anyhoo – more mountains, snow capped this time. More beauty. I’m so mad at the beauty of the rockies. So mad I don’t get to wake up to the sun peeking over snow capped peaks. Instead I get the low rumble of a construction site on the edge of a medium sized University town. C’est la vie.

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Oh Calgary! Thank you for being so beautiful. Warm and sunny and having delicious ice cream. For making a steak dinner seem more normal than Thanksgiving turkey, especially when the moo comes with a side of Hunter Pence & The Giants. Thank you for a perfect brunch, a photo shoot, and a walk-of-blog-related shame. And a few hours of working at Analog. And then I cried at the airport.

To sum it all up; 13 year old who has just found MySpace style:

We’re near the river and far from rich
But we have got each other and gas in the tank
We’re laughing all the way to the river bank

– Riverbank, Brad Paisley

Maybe I cry every time I hear the chorus of that song. It’s just kind of perfect for our roadie, eh sis?


ps: planning a trip? travelling soon? have you tried the app HotelTonight? We used it; so easy with decent choices in major cities and good prices. Wanna try it out? Use my code ABRIDGMAN for $25 off your first stay. (not sponsored, just awesome)

pps: planning that trip out West? reach out to @helloBC and/or @TravelAlberta on twitter (OMG and follow their insta – BC/AB – such beautiful photos); their tweeps are super awesome and super helpful if you’re looking for any recommendations

miss any of the recaps? roadtrippin’ with FordVancouverVictoria – Okanagan


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