friday, i’m in love


  • I did it! On Tuesday I chopped off 14″ of hair and donated it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. I’ve done it once before, 4 years ago, and it’s an amazing feeling.
  • and I absolutely did not go to hot yoga on Tuesday night because there was no way I was ruining the way she styled my hair…
  • so, about the Thursday hot yoga class. For a good 5 months there was about 12 people in the class; there was lots of room, we could spread out, no one’s butt was in your face. And then 2 weeks ago, BOOM, there’s 35 people crammed in. Hooray for the gym, not so hooray for me until I go from cow to cat in warm-up to be greeted with a hot dude right in front of me. Oh heeeeeey. But still, where did y’all come from?
  • if you’re not having cake for breakfast the morning of your birthday you’re doing it wrong. And it had carrots and pineapple and coconut and raisins; HEALTH FOOD.
  • you may have noticed it’s winter again, and if like me you have super dry lips that crack overnight (heeey mouth breathers) can I suggest LUSH lip scrub (try the popcorn, it’s awesome) followed by a healthy slather of vaseline (so sexy) or Nivea HydroCare.
  • one more beauty request? do you have sensitive skin? what kind of moisturizer do you use? Pretty much everything I try makes me breakout.
  • tv things: why does the last 2 minutes of Scandal make my heart stop every.freaking.week?! Damn Rowan, you Pope’d them. And the Vice President and Elizabeth!? (oh, and thanks for clearing up exactly what she does 8 episodes in…not like I was super curious or anything.) I think next week is the last episode before the winter break and ALLTHETHINGS need to be wrapped up…which they totally won’t. There is gonna be an epic cliffhanger. Chicago Fire – Law & Order SVU – Chicago PD crossover…the bookends were good, but ah, SVU is kind of boring and TSwift, how exactly do you love Olivia Benson? She was meh. Really, just give me a whole lot of Halstead and his sniper skillz and I’m a happy girl. Oh oh oh, and do you think maybe something is gonna happen with Lindsay and Halstead again; heat that romance up! Maybe? Maybe? Ohhhh, and Kelley’s new Vegas wife? WTF? He needs a big snuggle and some mandated therapy.
  • When do you decorate for Christmas? I’m usually a December 1st kind of girl but I’m leaving in mid-December and want to soak up as much holiday cheer before heading south. After Thanksgiving? November just seems too soon. Annnnnyway, I’m asking cause I have a super fun holiday (GLITTER!) craft and wondering when would be the appropriate time to share it with y’all? 2 weeks? I’ve got a crafty, easy American Thanksgiving or Christmas table setting idea and recipe for you next week.


what was the best part of your week? weekend plans? Not gonna lie…I’m hoping for some enjoyable made-for-tv Christmas movies to be on. Sure, some are totally cringeworthy, but some are pretty good. 

[photo via designerinparis instagram]


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