friday, i’m in love


  • the news seemed concerned that this grizzly bear got so close to civilization in Vancouver while my thought was “I WANT TO SNUGGLE THE BEAR!
  • ohhhhhh, or can I snuggle this baby otter?! OMG CUTENESS. (and I totally cried – but actually – at the end when the dude is holding her like a baby and she gets all snuggly and falls asleep. I’m just so happy they rescued her)
  • some good (decent) deals for my Canadian friends: 2 bonus stars on holiday Starbucks drinks purchased with your gold card after 11am till Nov 11th (guess where I’m going on my way to Brampton today…) and 15% off at Chapters.Indigo till the 12th! And and, do you know about win-it-wednesdays? Create a $500 wish list on the chapters.indigo website, they draw each Wednesday and someone wins their entire wish list. I love a good deal, can you tell?
  • I get to see sister in just over 6 weeks; that’s so exciting! (which means I leave for vacay in 5 weeks which seems soon, but amazing, because maybe I sneak a peek at the Southern Soul menu once a week even though IT’S ALWAYS THE SAME AND I ORDER THE SAME THING!)
  • 4 weeks of no ice cream or doughnuts is totally ending on Monday – my birthday – and every girls needs a little treat on her birthday! Since there’s no Earnest or Village (why? whhhyyyy?), I’ll opt for PC Vanilla Crackle. Although if someone brings me a little Timbertrain (latte or cappuccino, please) and Jelly Modern (1 salted caramel mini and 1 maple bacon mini, hearts), I’ll love them forever.
  • I wrote a week of super fun blog posts last year leading up to my 30th birthday. You can read ’em all here if you’re interested. Can I tell you one thing about your 31st year? It feels exactly the same as every other freaking year I’ve been an adult. Stop fussing about numbers, peeps, just have (responsible) fun!
  • Went out for some late night (it was 7pm, whatever, it’s dark by 5) snacks and beverages with a friend last Sunday (HI MADELYN) and it was the most perfect way to end the week.
  • I have watched zero Christmas movies in the last week. Did you notice the calendar turned to November and Lifetime and Showcase have holiday films on all day everyday. I really love cheesy Christmas movies and the self-restraint is right up there with no ice cream or doughnuts for a month.
  • tv things: Chicago PD and Scandal are sharing honours for favourite tv show. (I think wordpress spell check cries when honour and favourite are in the same sentence. WP just hates Canadians and our love for “u”s.) TV boyfriends > real life boys. Jay Halstead, you keep doing the bedroom eyes thing; it’s like you know what I’m think and I adore it. “Like WHOA” is the best way I can describe last night’s episode of Scandal. Jake livessss! And Tom! And read yesterday that Momma Pope is coming back……cause, obvs.
  • today is Random Acts of Kindness day in Guelph – it is in your community, too? As an early, free gift to me, please do something nice for someone today. And no, holding the door open doesn’t count, that’s just being polite. And no, you don’t have to spend any money: send a friend a text to let them know you’re thinking of them, donate clothes, call your grandma, invite someone over for dinner, take time to do something for yourself. And lots more ideas.


What’s your favourite birthday treat? 

ps: I was thinking of this photo all day yesterday for some reason – it was taken on my first trip to Alberta in 2011. Look Laur, we’ve been admiring the larches for years! 


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