the great canadian west coast road trip: victoria


I’ve wanted to go to Victoria for as long as I can remember. Maybe it was because of a light brown teddy bear my Dad bought me from the island – he was on a business trip there when my mom called and told him she was pregnant. Maybe it’s because my grandma goes on and on about how much she loves it (and spoiler, she is contemplating disowning me because we didn’t go to Butchart Gardens…y’all that place is expensive and I don’t appreciate flowers enough).

It wasn’t raining, which was a huge plus, but it was pretty foggy and mostly overcast. Still, enjoyable. I was a bit underwhelmed. It reminds me of Guelph (where I live) a bit….which, is fine, but I wouldn’t vacation here. I’m happy we decided to spend the extra day in Vancouver instead; Thursday morning – Saturday morning in Victoria was just enough.

Ferries and Goldstream Provincial Park (the 600+ year old redwoods are unbelievable) and RedFish BlueFish (so good! definitely my favourite thing in Victoria) and the rose garden at the Empress (for free) and a very cool building (thanks Katelyn for spotting it years ago) and wild roaming peacocks in Beacon Hill Park.

victoria1 victoria2 victoria3 victoria4 victoria5 victoria6 victoria14 victoria16 victoria15 victoria10 victoria11

(the only reason my grandma hasn’t disowned me for not going to Butchart Gardens is because I took 15 photos of roses for her. The rose garden outside the Empress is beautiful; we indeed smelled ever variety, and like always, loved everything more than the red ones; so typical so boring)

victoria8 victoria9 victoria12 victoria13 victoria7



ps: planning a trip? travelling soon? have you tried the app HotelTonight? We used it in Victoria and stayed at the Hotel Grand Pacific which was super fancy: the beds were so comfortable, they have the best smelling hand soap and cream, the nicest, sweetest cleaning staff, and my hair has never been softer after that shower. Wanna try it out? Use my code ABRIDGMAN for $25 off your first stay. (not sponsored, just awesome)

pps: planning that trip to BC? reach out to @helloBC on twitter (OMG and follow their insta, such beautiful photos); their tweeps are super awesome and super helpful if you’re looking for any recommendations

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