oh hello, november


making: a stocking and Christmas list. Too early? There’s a few things I thought of that I’m sure Santa doesn’t want me to forget.

eating: guacamole with extra lime; always extra lime. And peach-mango salsa.

drinking: salted caramel hot chocolate.

reading: Jonathan Tropper’s How to Talk to a Widow.

wanting: some more sunshine.

looking: at sunset photos from Vancouver. So dreamy.

playing: My Eyes by Blake Shelton.

wishing: for some good Black Friday sales.

enjoying: Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce lattes.

crushing: peanut M&Ms; thank you post-Halloween sales.

liking: pomegranates and brussels sprouts.

wondering: why fictional boyfriends gotta be so great.

loving: my new faux sheepskin rug. It’s beside my bed and my toes have never been happier. (HomeSense, $24.99)

needing: more excedrin migrane (ahem, Santa). All this crappy weather is not good for my headaches.

hoping: I love short hair. Saying goodbye to 10″ next week. (and trying to figure out exactly what shade of auburn I’ll dye it)

smelling: lemon meringue candles. Do you love any current ones at Bath & Bodyworks? I have a bit of money left on a gift card.

wearing: socks! Always a sad day but my feet are frozen…

knowing: Saturday was the first, but not the last snowfall for a good 5-6 months. Sigh. I am so not ready for this.

watching: The Other Woman – much better than I anticipated. And NOT watching Christmas movies. I love love love them, but it’s the first few days of November, calm down tv.

listening: (overhearing) a bunch of conversations at Red Brick – coffee shop I’m working at – and darn I’m happy I’m not 19 and happy I’m not married. People sure do complain a lot.

noticing: that mitten weather just kind of snuck up on me. I love mittens!

thinking: too much.

opening: my eyes. Look around; there is so much beauty in this world.

feeling: content.


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