friday, i’m in love


  • that photo? painted on the side of a building in Vancouver! someone is very, very talented.
  • SF Giants are World Series champs! YES! 3-2 for 5 innings, can you say mild heart attack? Now…if my NL boys could get some nicer uniforms…I’m a big fan of script instead of block letters, and I really hate orange.
  • I was finally able to get to the free Tuesday night hot yoga class. The teacher subbed for us in my regular Thursday morning class and at first it wasn’t my cup of tea; much slower and lots of stretching compared to the power class I’m used to. BUT it is a perfect class for the evening. Like all good things in my life, thanks sister for pushing me to try that free class with you all those years ago. Hot yoga is pretty much my favourite (exercise) thing ever.
  • Also, Cara, the super zen Tuesday teacher closes class with the same few sentences that I really tried to remember. It goes something like this “find a place in your heart and call it home. May the whole world find peace. May the whole world find love. May the whole world find light. When you feel lost, look to your heart and come home.” Which, again, is usually something I’m not into, but kind of really loved and found immensely comforting this week. (as a contrast, the Thursday teacher started off a few weeks ago with “I don’t know about you, but I really need to flow today; my kids were a pain in the ass this morning and I got every red-fucking-light on my way here” love her)
  • cabbage + noodles + asain flavours. this salad looks easy and delicious. (haven’t tried it yet, I’m in an “I hate cooking” phase; there’s been a lot of salad in a bag, yougart, oatmeal, toast, and sliced fruit/veg in my life)
  • momma bears (or poppa bears…or single ladies…or handsome gents) you should make this tomato soup with grilled cheese dippers. How good does this look? (oh and, make some for me. I really REALLY want it, but have no desire to cook)
  • pomegranate seeds! oh I love pom season!
  • tv things: aka Scandal things: Jake lives! I love when Katelyn is home on Thursday nights because we text throughout the episode; I need to digest it with someone. My new thought is Olivia starts sleeping with Fitz again to soften him up and start convincing him that her father is manipulating him and Jake is innocent. Sounds good, right? #freejake. And can I get a big ol’ awwwww for Huck playing video games with his son? The. Cutest! (ps: I have a friend who looks just like Huck. Like people stop him on the streets and ask him if he’s Huck from Scandal and he kinds freaks out about it. Totally twinners.)
  • this post on a living room makeover made me actually lol. And the style is crazy beautiful. Simple, but lovely. Did it mention it’s hilarious?!
  • I finally borrowed (the dvd of) The Fault in Our Stars from the library, and damn it was good. Really good adaptation. And I didn’t even cry till she was eulogizing in the literal heart of Jesus…go me. (and then there was no hope, I cried right till the end). Also, Augustus Waters, you ruin real men for me; I have never met someone that lovely. 3 cheers for fictional boyfriends!!!


Happy weekend, y’all. I’m heading over to Starbucks to grab a Cinnamon Dolce latte (like a big hug; they’re the best) to start my Friday off right. And it’s rainy and gloomy and all I wanna do is drink starbucks and wear sweatpants and snuggle. 2/3 ain’t bad. 


3 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

    • uh, like when Alex Gordon gets a triple with 2 out in the 9th and I start pacing and sweating.
      ps: my latte is so perfect. I want to snuggle allthethings. Cinnamon Dolce lattes make me love people more…maybe criminals just need some starbucks

  1. I love the words from your yoga instructor! My fave instructor recently said, “There is nothing to fix; everything is exactly as it should be.” That’s been my go-to mantra for the last few weeks.

    I love your weekly updates. And now I’m in the mood for a warm hug a la CDL. xo

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