the great canadian west coast road trip: vancouver


Against all my instincts I emailed sister with the subject “I know this sounds crazy, but…” and the body started with something like “….let’s just figure out what cities we want to go to and be spontaneous with when and how long we stay.”

I’m ms. planner. Day timers and plans and reservations and flights booked 9 months in advance are the kind of things that make me happy. Spontaneity makes my eye twitch. But you see, Vancouver was less than kind when I first visited in May 2012. It rained most of the time. I know, I know, it was VANCOUVER in the SPRING. And yet, I blamed my perpetual bad luck and sulked a bit. So this time, I wanted to be where the weather was nicest.

First stop: Vancouver.

vancoouver2 vancouver4 vancouver5 vancouver7 vancouver6

The first person who says I have a wee addiction to taking sunrise/sunset photos gets a kick in the shins.

No, waaaaait. WAIT. Come back; let’s have coffee (THE.BEST.EVER…Timbertrain in Gastown) and Ice Cream (Earnet Ice Cream in East Van…and yes, 2 weeks since being home, I am sticking to the ice cream detox, go me.)

vancouver8 vancouver10 vancouver9 vancouer11 vancouver12 vancouver13 vancouver14 vancouver15

Salted caramel for both, with London fog for Laura and whiskey hazelnut for me. Yes. You must stop here if you’re in Vancouver.

Ok, back to exploring… Stanley Park and Brandywine Falls and a stroll through the Olympic Park in Whistler (get the tacos at Brew House)

vancouver16 vancouver17 vancouver18 vancouver19 vancouver20 vancouver21 vancouver22 vancouver23

The spontaneous part? The weather was great and leaving for Victoria Wednesday morning just seemed too soon and too rushed. So, we stayed another day in Vancouver to sufficiently explore Stanley Park and enjoy a last, totally dreamy sunset in Kitsilano. (and burgers and poutine at local. oh sigh. so good)


ps: planning a trip? travelling soon? have you tried the app HotelTonight? We used it; so easy with decent choices in major cities and good prices. Wanna try it out? Use my code ABRIDGMAN for $25 off your first stay. (not sponsored, just awesome)

pps: planning that trip to BC? reach out to @helloBC on twitter (OMG and follow their insta, such beautiful photos); their tweeps are super awesome and super helpful if you’re looking for any recommendations.


6 thoughts on “the great canadian west coast road trip: vancouver

  1. It’s too bad that your trip to Van-city coincided with my trip to Toronto or else I would have totally harassed you to hang out!! lol Especially since I live in Coal Harbour and you obviously loved this area!!!

    Also, Earnest Ice Cream is pure crack! SO good!!!!

    • Looks like you had a great time at home though… the sunrises/sunsets around the harbour were spectacular.

      PURE CRACK. We followed it up with Village Ice Cream in Calgary which was just as delectable.

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