friday, i’m in love


  • when you’re not quite ready to deal with real life does your bestie send you great things from internet? mine does: “quit acting like he wrote you every damn day, girl” 22 things couples need to stop instagramming. And #15….pretty much the thing I hate the most. And of course, 10 pictures of Prince Harry in a tux…which is misleading, because it’s all from the same event. While I’m not fond of bow ties, I do love gingers.
  • after seeing/hearing pretty much every single person I know refer to their “love language” I finally looked it up. Have you done it? (it’s free) Without knowing what the 5 “languages” were, I had an idea what mine would be. Well hot damn, if I wasn’t dead RIGHT! I tied in my top 2 (quality time and physical touch). That’s probably only because winking and being awkward aren’t love languages…..which is weird. They should be.
  • thoughts on Halloween? Who’s in the “that shit cray” boat with me? I hate being scared. HATE. I don’t particularly love dressing up; slutty nurse? No thank you. Just give me some half price mini chocolate and Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • I created this recipe exactly 52 weeks away and have been stalking the brussels sprouts at the grocery store and plan on buying a huge bunch when they either a) look good, or b) aren’t $8.99/lb (momma ain’t broke but that is way too expensive)
  • I’m leaving for Christmas (winter?) vacation in 7 (SEVEN!) weeks! That seems soon doesn’t it? I’ve also fully committed to a 29 day famjam (guess who only has 30 day out-of-country insurance?) I’m crazy right? Do you know how much my dad talks?
  • confession: I really don’t like Coldplay and I really really really hate their song yellow. But…do you watch The Voice? The version Matt and Ethan sang in the battle round was amazing. I mean the song itself still sucks, but their performance (the guitars, swoon) was so good.
  • tv things. Scandal: how am I supposed to feel bad for Huck when no one will believe Jake? Did you have that moment of hope when Fitz began singing and you were all YES! YES it was a plan to frame Rowan…..and then, oh no. NO! Loving Chicago PD. And am pretty please that New Girl and Mindy Project are better than last season. Oh why yes I did snuggle on the couch with sweatpants, coffee, a blanket, and 10 hours of OnDemand last Saturday catching up on everything I missed while I was away.
  • did you see my and Laura’s “sister things” on Wednesday? I’ve been looking forward to posting for so long. We may just have to do another one while we’re in Georgia… “guess who bought all this stuff on clearance at Target?!” and “who bought these cutie new shoes at TJ Maxx?” But seriously. I got my Sperry’s there last year and sis her (non-thuglife) Timberland’s.

Best part of your week? Was it the glorious (Southern Ontario) fall day on Thursday? Oh my gosh, it was so beautiful! Plans for the weekend? I’m cleaning (maybe there is still a suitcase in my bedroom) and doing my laundry and a little bit of work. So fun. 


[photo via explorecanada’s instagram]


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