sister things

Ever since seeing “sister stuff” on A Beautiful Mess in June I have been wanting to replicate something similar with my sister. We (Laur and I; as if I knew the ABM gals) tossed around items and ideas in September and took the photos in Calgary and Vancouver earlier this month.

So…which are my favourite things and which are Laura’s? (do you know us even a little bit? this is quite possibly the easiest guessing game ever…)

nailpolish1 nailpolish2doughnut1 doughnut2 phonecase1 phonecase2 scarf1 scarf2 coffee makeup1 makeup2shoes1 shoes2 jewelry1 jewelry2reading1 reading2 icecream1 icecream2 laura allison

Did you guess correctly? Laura on the left – I’m on the right!



5 thoughts on “sister things

  1. You too are so cute. I love this post! I have this type of connection with one of my sisters. She is 13 years older them I. But we will end up dressing the same a lot of times. We have even bought the same exact clothes or accessories but not when together. It’s kinda creepy but coll how this happens!

    • Thanks Mary! It was crazy when we would blurt out the exact same response or have the same facial expression. I’m sure everyone assumes we’re actually twins because so many of our mannerisms are identical.

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