the great canadian west coast roadtrip


Last week I got back from my 5th trip to the West Coast (4 Canada, 1 US/Canada) in the last 3 years. And let me tell you, the West redeemed herself (I’m looking at you 2012…rain in Vancouver, snow in Calgary).

Over Christmas holidays last year, not quite ready to go back into the condo after seeing American Hustle (I’m sure we were the only 2 people that thought it sucked) sister and I leaned on the 3rd floor railing over looking the dark ocean talking about when she decided to move home we would first fly down to San Francisco, drive north up the coast then back to Calgary then pack up and come back to Ontario. Which morphed into let’s not wait and just go to San Fran and drive the coast this summer/fall. Which turned into let’s reach out to Ford Canada again and see if we can Canadian road trip in October.

Y’all remember Henry from last year, right?


Last summer, Henry chauffeured us to Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake, and Bow Lake. A true gentleman.

Ford said yes, I booked my plane ticket in less than 20 minutes (thank you WestJet seat sale) and counted down the days. For this road trip I had but one request: fuel efficient. Without further ado, meet Clara:


Yes, Clara Ford; a sleek 2014 Hybrid Fusion. Henry Ford’s wife. Get it? Get it! (all sis; she’s the true brains behind our car naming game). Clara, such a pretty girl, escorted us on the Trans Canada Highway through Alberta,

2014-10-06 07.47.12

through BC,


and to beaches and an olympic village and islands and wine country and then back home.




okanagan calgary

Girl was tricked out: told us where to go (I know you all love that trait in a good woman), played our favourite tunes, let us make calls and brag about our sweet ride. She has a heated steering wheel and hot buns. I mean I have hot buns. I mean Clara has SEAT WARMERS…that also warm your back. She’s magnificent. And the one thing I wanted, she delivered. This baby is mega fuel efficient!

greatcanadianroadtrip sistertrip1

Thanks Ford Canada! And thank you Miss Clara (this is where you pet her and tell her she’s pretty…)


ps: more vacation things coming weekly – big long posts with lots and lots of pictures. cool? COOL! 

pps: yes, I wrote all those signs. 



5 thoughts on “the great canadian west coast roadtrip

    • Oh you mean Clara, yah she was a doll! And The Jersey Boys were there too, and Mitch, and NKOTBSB. Oh you meant YOU! Yah, you’re ok. Thanks for driving…..we’d still be at the AB-BC border if it was up to me.

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