friday, i’m in love


  • Giants – Royals in the World Series!!! I can’t even tell you how pumped this makes me (and sis. and dad). SF Giants are my National League team (we don’t have to talk about my American League Jays, it’s cool); 3rd World Series in 5 years – every.other.year! And the Royals! They admitted they weren’t that great in August and then…..everything just clicked. And ah, they’re undefeated so far in the post-season. Oh-wee this is gonna be a great series!
  • “you’re either ready to reap this freaky-assed harvest or you’re not” it’s decorative gourd season (warning: some offensive language but too funny not to read….and let’s be serious, if you’re here, you’re not offended by an f-bomb)
  • my grandma picked me a bouquet of snapdragons from her garden on Wednesday night when I stopped in for dinner on my way home from the airport. Dinner and dessert and 2 cups of coffee and sending me home with leftovers, meat sauce, apples, and flowers: that’s love!
  • I had to pop into Chapters yesterday and do you know what Chapters has prominently displayed? Christmas decorations! Yo Chapters, no. It’s mid October (and who knows when it hit stores…). Just no. I love Christmas, I do; in December.
  • Do you have Nexus? I do and I have one major complaint. I have attempted to use the Nexus lanes travelling domestically 3 times since June; they’ve been closed each time. I did not pay $10/year and double that parking at Pearson for the lamest “you’re totes an upstanding citizen, right? super, let me scan your retinas” interview for the lanes to be closed. I want swift security checkpoints where people KNOW they have to take off their belts and YES, you need to take your computer out of your bag and WHY the hell did you put your boarding pass in your purse which is cruising through the scanner? Whhhhhhyyyyy? Why are there still coins in your pocket, sir? And that watch? OFF! Love airports, hate security checkpoints; thus, Nexus. Fail.
  • tv things: Scandal was the only thing I watched this week. And, ummmm, OH.EM.GEE! Fitz, you can’t have it both ways. Sure it blows your wife hates you and it’s hard being the president, but you can’t get all cranky pants when your mistress doesn’t want to makeyouty in the Oval. And the end? THE END?! Do you think Fitz is pissy and is out to kill Jake or it’s totally a bigger scheme and they’re playing mind games Rowan? The second option, right? RIGHT? #teamjake. But probably Fitz’s loins are burning and Jake’s getting permanent residency beside Mamma Pope at the bottom of a hole. AHHHH.
  • the doughnut and gourmet ice cream detox is real. Real awful. Vacation life > real life. (lots of vacation things coming your way next week and once a week till I run out of fun photos – all without bears, sigh – to show you)
  • oh, and can someone make me these cider caramels? I’d say cider doughnuts (cause, yum) but supposedly I’m on a doughnut detox and #lifeishard

all my friends say: (meet Chrissy! A Buffalo native who lives in Chicago I “met” on the interwebz; we were both ambassadors for (the now defunct) I’m Fit Possible. She was there to share adventures hiking in Nepal and scrumptious recipes while I thought it was a support group for people who ate ice cream after workouts. We became fast (internet) friends when we realized we had a ton in common, mostly our love for Jersey Boys and both being firmly planted on #teamjake. Chrissy is super, super pumped to share some of the things she’s loving this week….unfortunately “shirtless Scott Foley” isn’t one of them, damn Jake kept all his clothes on last night…)

  • Fall clothes. I realized after all summer of wearing all dresses and not a single pair of pants that pants are the worst and that I needed fall and winter dresses because even dresses with tights are better than pants. Am I alone on this? Combine my lack of season-appropriate dresses with the fact that I JUST discovered the website 6 pm to mean that bad things happened to my credit card around 12:30 Saturday night but I look forward to the good things happening to my closet in 5-7 days., scarfs, cute jackets. Love them all. I almost want to wear them all at the same time but then I’d look like Joey from Friends…could I BE wearin’ any more clothes?
  • Food.  Baked goods. I want to eat all the baked goods.  Didn’t help that I went on a baking spree for various events this week, so my Red Wine Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake, the Brown Eyed Bakers’ Salted Caramel Apple Cake, Red Velvet Cupcakes, and oatmeal chocolate Chip cookies all came forth from my kitchen in the past week. I see no sign or reason that the impulse to bake will subside anytime soon. Plus, keeping the oven on keeps my apartment warm.


So, my other cutie-pie internet friends (and a few real friends – gah it makes me all sorts of excited when I find out my real life friends read my craziness – HI DANIELLE!) what are you loving this week? 

Also, do you want to come by for some snuggles? I had constant entertainment for 10 days – thanks sister! – and now everything is quiet and lonely. 


(photo from topknotgoods instagram


3 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Thanks for the feature A, and YAY for internet friends! OMG Scandal…so many heart stopping moments. So many where I felt bad for someone. So many where I was angry at someone. Exactly as it should be. Poor Tom. Poor JAKE! LONG LIVE JAKE!!

    And cider caramels? I’m supposed to be on a sugar detox, but…
    Happy Friday!

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