friday, i’m in love


  • at dinner on Tuesday I got to see the end of the Giants-Nationals game; see ya in the NLCS Giants! (ps: the Giants played the Cardinals in the NLCS 2 years ago…then went on to win the World Series. Let’s do that again, fellas!)
  • talking sports: it’s NFL and NHL season again I see. Sigh. Snore.
  • I said something hopeful about love and relationships yesterday. Obviously I can’t remember today. It was fun while it lasted…
  • and and, maybe I have a crush on a boy who I know in real life. Not on tv. Not in my imagination. Real effing life! (and I’m 90% sure he isn’t married)
  • so, tv things? I watched Chicago Fire with sis on Tuesday; she’s not pleased Casey isn’t Australian Chase (House fans will get that). So we’re pretty pumped Halstead didn’t get shot Wednesday, right? That he’s still living another day so his blue eyes can pierce my soul through the screen. Yah, about that crush on real people thing…
  • I’ve eaten all my favourite things in the last few days (vacation FTW) and I really don’t know how non-vacation life will ever compare.
  • vacation things: you guuuuuys! the west coast is freaking amazing! mountains and fresh air and so many trees and lakes and harbours and sail boats and dreamy fog and no rain and singing in the car and sitting on the beach and walking everywhere and every other thing that makes life perfect (like doughnuts and coffee and ice cream).
  • if you’re wondering, no, I have not seen any bears (actually, just one). ZERO BEARS. I want to see allthebears.
  • I picked up the most amazing necklace in Calgary on Sunday. (very similar to the one second from the right) The colours, the style, it’s so perfect.


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!  tacos next week? xox


So, being disconnected is kind of the greatest, BUT, did I miss any good kitten videos on the internets? How was the Tonight Show this week? What is everyone talking about? 


4 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I remember when I drove out west from Wisconsin to Seattle all my BFF and I wanted to see was a buffalo. ONE BUFFALO. How many did we see? ZERO, if you could the fake stuffed one we saw at Wall Drug. I thought “the range” was all about the buffalo. Apparently not. So, I can sympathize with your Bear non-sightings.

    Keep having fun!

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