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Here’s the thing; I kind of can’t stand it when people say they hate tv. Who are you people? The news is depressing, people are mean, there are wars, poverty, racism, gender inequality, and sometimes life gets hard and that’s when I really love escaping reality with teevee (or travel; sometimes I don’t deal well when things get hard, whatever.) Interestingly, most of what I watch isn’t actually a great escape since they’re emergency services (cop, fire, FBI) and political shows.

Weekly must watch: aka: the ones I love them most and totally actually remember the plot lines from week to week. (like maybe I tell people I’m busy so I’ll be home to watch these live……)


Chicago PD started with a half season in January and I was sucked in. Like whoa. I love it. And by it I mean Jay Halstead. The character back stories are so well integrated into the episode plots you sometimes forget it’s a cop show.

scandal (1) hart-of-dixie

I can’t even tell you how pumped I am that Scandal is now on at 9pm instead of 10. Last year I had the hardest time falling asleep on Thursday nights because I would lie in bed and wonder what the H-E-L-L was potentially going on in the (actual) White House. What kind of crazy stuff do citizens never hear about? And how did no one (in non-real life) Washington figure out Fitz and Olivia were boning? How does Jake never win? Olivia, babe, I get it that power is sexy and Vermont is amazing, but Jake is single. It’s easy and um, you were there for all that pillow talk in the premiere, right? #teamjake

So sad Hart of Dixie isn’t back till 2015; y’all it reminds me how much I love the South. And every girl needs a little bad boy Wade Kinsella in her life.

chifire The-Mindy-Project-Season-1-iTunes

Chicago Fire cause, yah. If you say you don’t have a thing for Fire Fighters you’re lying. Dirty, dirty liars. But what was with killing Shea? I loved her! And Mindy Project, well, cause it’s hilarious and after all that policing, and politics, and buildings exploding, every girl needs a few laughs. Have I mentioned I can.not.stand Mindy and Danny as a couple? Oh I have? But seriously, no. And I know I’m the only person on the entire planet who liked Josh; but I am also a huge fan of Casey while he was a pastor and Cliff, and heck, most of the randos. Oh oh, and the curmudgeonly cop.

If I’m home, I’m watching: (which, let’s be honest, I’m home 98% of the time, if not, what up OnDemand)

newgirl bones

criminal minds ncisla

greys thevoice

incomeproperty The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 1

New Girl: let’s hope it was better than last season and I wouldn’t be sad with (a lot) less Coach.

Bones: what the heck? why did you kill Sweets? Do we think it was the newbie FBI agent?

Criminal Minds: where did Beth go? (I mean, other than to Scandal and the White House, but why is there no mention of her?) I’m not sure how I feel about Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the cast. Can Reid get another nerdy girlfriend?

NCIS: LA: premiere ok, I mean, you know Callan and Sam aren’t gonna die, don’t make it seem like they might.

Grey’s Anatomy: I know, I know. I was no Christina Yang fan so…yah. This’ll probably end up as an OnDeamnd weekend watch.

The Voice: I’m not a reality tv kinda girl but I am absolutely a “I have a mad crush on Adam and Blake” kind of girl. Everyone is so sweet; there are no auditions that are good for tv but ridiculously embarrassing; these peeps can actually sing. And the advice from the coaches is heartfelt and thoughtful. Let’s see how long it is till I cry.

Income Property: Scott McGillivray is a babe and a genius! And one episode was totally shot down the street from my house. And Scott and I are both University of Guelph alumni.

Tonight Show: I love me some James Fallon. Seriously, hilarious.


One thought on “what i’m watching

  1. Obviously, I LOVE TV. But I haven’t had time to get into anything yet, what with my newly-discovered domesticated side and being super behind on my 30 day challenge ALREADY!

    I’m digging all of your choices… except Bones. Cuz that show is terrible. xoxoxoxo

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