oh hello, october


making: a birthday surprise.

cooking: not much; it’s more like re-heating this week (thanks to my grandma for sending me home with some sauce on Saturday). There will definitely be some beef stew on the stove top later this month though…

drinking: dunkin’ donuts regular + starbucks toffee nut syrup + cream.

reading: September issues of In Style, Glamour, and Marie Claire and #girlboss is waiting for me in Calgary.

wishing: I could get a decent night’s sleep. It’s either been 6 hours or waking up feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck after running a marathon.

enjoying: summer-like fall temperatures + fall-like red and orange and yellow leaves.

crushing: on unavailable men (hashtag storyofmylife)

waiting: for Sunday #sistertrip2014

liking: that fall TV is back – oh hey Chicago PD and Scandal!

wondering: what it would be like to travel till spring.

loving: navy.

needing: new jeans. efff, why is finding jeans so hard? And a pedicure. And an eyebrow wax.

smelling: Marc Jacobs DOT.

wearing: nude wedges + dark denim + black peplum + floral cardigan + pearls = Monday’s (friend) dinner date outfit .

knowing: I can’t control the weather; which isn’t fair.

watching: bottom of the 9th, 2 out, Washington Nationals’ rookie Steven Souza Jr. makes this wicked catch to save Jordan Zimmermann’s no hitter.

listening: to Blake Shelton’s Neon Light. Like all the time. And again. (and I have serious song-on-repeat issues)

thinking: not much. I’m really, really, really trying to be calm this week (which isn’t working too well; there’s a whole bunch of stress somewhere because my eye twitch will not stop)

opening: my hips. So much stretching the last few days; I’m feeling very stiff.

giggling: at the idea of cat massages. I’d really like one actually; real massages hurt and kitty ones are so soft and are the puuurfect pressure. (and I know because our old kitty Mindy was a pro at walking on and kneading my back. yah, puuurfect, I went there.)

feeling: excited: Big event! Sistertrip!



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