life lately

(aka: I really like brunch and breakfast for lunch and cute restaurants with spectacular bar areas and old friends)


ob1 ob2

When the mimosas are $3 you get 2; unless you’re me and you responsibly have 1 and hope heavy-on-the-champagne, light-on-the-grapefruit juice doesn’t go straight to your head. Enter 3 cups of strong coffee.


39carden2 39carden1

A cute cafe that serves breakfast (oh heeey maple bacon waffles) all day long? even on weekdays? yes please! I mean seriously; how cute? Cute cute cute. I could really go for a cappuccino on that patio right about now.

Toss in some dinners and drinks with other friends, 2 committee meetings, early morning stops at the market for flowers and fresh cinnamon sugar doughnuts (we’re talking made right in front of you, still deliciously warm fried dough), an adorable chat with my grandma, a stack of magazines, hot coffee, side alley street art, a perfectly timed thunderstorm, and then endless sunny skies. Pretty good 2 weeks, don’t ya think?




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