friday, i’m in love

yumm (wd)

(aka: allofthefunlinks?? a good week on the interwebz)

  • just in case you don’t have an awesome friend and an awesome sister who both sent you hot dad’s at disneyland within hours of each other, um, here you go. Who loves ya, baby?
  • tv things: how excited are we about Mindy Project being back? first of all, there’s all these reasons. But more importantly, is there anyone out there not loving this Mindy + Danny thing? I was over it 5 months ago. (this is a good time to remind you I pretty much don’t like any couples tv forces on me) Obviously I’m watching the weekly Rookie Blue repeats on Sunday nights. And am pretty pumped for Scandal. And Chicago PD. And and Criminal Minds. (and when I complain that I can’t sleep, you’ll know why)
  • talking about Scandal, the last 2 episodes of season 3 were on last night and sucked me right back in. I’m so pumped. Oh Jake.
  • (so many tv man crushes should re-commence next week)
  • I’m in a Blake Shelton phase. Remember when I was in an Adam Levine phase a few weeks back? Well, I totally did watch alloftheadamlevinevideosonyoutube a few weekends ago, and a bunch of those have Blake in them, so really, it’s a natural progression. Which of course leads to another epic Tonight Show lip sync battle. Blake killed it. (Gwyn doesn’t get it right? She was performing Call Me Maybe like herself…..but, but, wasn’t her bomber jacket completely amazing?)
  • yoga things: yesterday was 3 weeks nausea-free! I think I’m finally feeling accustomed to the heat. And, guess who is 30 and can still do the splits? oh yah, this girl. Thank you 100 degree heat for my extra stretchiness. And and, head to floor in wide forward fold. There will be no headstands, but I feel amazing. (it’s Thursday night and I’m 98% sure I won’t be able to walk on Friday)
  • I’m probably the last person who wants to talk about the holiday season in September (I just kicked myself, so, yah), BUT one of my favourite photographers Amy (yep, I’ve mentioned her a million….or 10…times in the past, but she’s amazing) is having a huge fall sale and anything/everything from her collection would make the most perfect gift.
  • book things: I breezed through This Is Where I Leave You; the book was excellent. I’m hoping to see it at the theatre on Sunday afternoon after Church and lunch with my grandma to celebrate her birthday. Not sure what to read next…other than the stack of magazines I have on my ottoman.  What are you reading?
  • have you been reading Gracie’s September Blogging Challange? As you can tell, I haven’t been actively participating, but have been following along. You may have noticed today is link love day, so, I guess day 19 is a good day to start participating, right? (but seriously, the internets has been pretty great this week.) In a blogging rut? Check out some of the posts for ideas. And if you’ve been reading friday, i’m in love for a while you KNOW I talk about a bunch of Gracie’s September blog topics on the regular – favourite things, songs on repeat, man crushes, books. You won’t see any OOTD here though, sorry. Well, maybe after the westcoast roadie. Maybe.


What was the greatest part of your week? What’s up this weekend, peeps? I’m thinking market for flowers then digging into some September issues, probably grocery shopping, and grandma time and movies on Sunday. And probably a tv post for next week, I need to know what you’re watching so we can discuss in depth cause #tvisreallife.

ps: yes, I took that photo. In 2008 on a volunteer trip. And yes, I could really go for some beignets and Jackson Square people watching and NOLA sunshine right about now

pps: I just saw a commercial for Annabelle and may never sleep again; bring on the cop shows, they ain’t got nothing on horror movies


2 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Kudos on being super flexible. I’m so tight lately my forward fold is pathetic. Also I clicked on your post just for the Cafe du Monde- I LOVE beignets. And yes, I’m totally against the baby profile pic thing. Your fb page probably already has tons of photos of babies if that’s true, so at least keep your profile pic actually of you, kthx. Great roundup as always!

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