friday, i’m in love


  • yaaaaay hot yoga this week; no wanting to puke,  no lightheadedness, (no hot dude beside me, sad), and finally full bow pose. Go me. And helllllo glutes (and hello glutes again the morning after. oy). Good class!
  • are any of y’all in Toronto? Did you go to TIFF? What did you see? Was it any good? I’m looking forward to We Were Wolves being released at our local independent theatre (fingers crossed) or somewhere online?? It looks good. (this may or may not be affiliated with my Nick Collins/Peter Mooney lovefest. maybe not. probably. definitely. whatever)
  • I got a new desk. And put it together.  By myself. Correctly. And didn’t even swear. And listened to a lot of Jersey Boys. (it’s a staple in this house: put together furniture, paint, listen to Jersey Boys. Do not step in paint tray, do not violently fling end of curtain rod across the room….that’s another story. Short version? my sister is super fun to paint with.) And then I re-arranged my office.
  • book things: I mentioned last week that I stalked the mail lady until she dropped off the mail last Thursday because I knew my copy of Seriously Delish was being delivered. (wait – did I tell you the creepy mail lady stalkery part? or just my dad? well, yah, I stalked the mail lady, whatever.) I drove to Mississauga (dog sitting. OMG so many snores from one little doggie) and tore open the box and read that sucker like a real book. First of all, the book is gorgeous – so.many.polka dots! If you have a full fat, carb, real sugar, meat, gluten, dairy loving friend (I know, they’re hard to find these days) who also loves to cook? get them this cookbook.
  • other book things: I successfully finished This is Where I Leave You before the movie comes out next week. Good book, definitely recommended.
  • so who deleted the free U2 album added to their itunes cloud fearing it was a privacy hack and not a fun “gift” from Apple on their iPhone6 release date? Oh just me? Also anyone think the iPhone5 looks a whole lot cooler after the 6 was released? I have a Samsung Galaxy and my biggest complaint is that it’s too big (I have small hands). If I were in the market for a new phone I’d be all over the 5. Or another BlackBerry (yes, I still miss/love my old BB)
  • so let’s boohoo about a serious first world problem (another one? oh no iPhones are too big, wah wah), BUT, Gilmore Girls repeats have been on the Christian channel weeknights at 7pm….until last week. I used to make my dinner to be ready around 7ish and enjoy some good, wholesome television (#teamjess). And now I’m sad and I actually ate dinner at the table. Boooooo. I saw the hoopla that GG was coming to Netflix. AMERICAN Netflix. #lifeishard.
  • I bought toffee nut syrup from Starbucks. I may never leave my house again.
  • and you know, since this isn’t your place for politics, let’s talk about TV: what are you watching this year? I’m rocking all my regular shows; you know the ones I usually talk about every week from September to May and you cutely nod your head even though somehow other than Scandal (#teamjake) or Mindy Project (#teamanyonebutdanny) no one watches my stories? Well, I’ll be gushing about all those program in a few weeks and I am pumped!
  • just in case you weren’t counting (for shame). I’m leaving for Calgary 3 weeks Sunday. And it’s not gonna snow. Not even a little bit. Ohhhh. Alberta. (ummmm, sister, maybe we should start a bit more planning??) Planning a trip (to Alberta, BC, or well anywhere I guess), reach out to their tourism account on twitter, @helloBC sent me some great trip ideas for our roadie.
  • had date night that wasn’t date night that was date night with Emily last night (HI EM! she loves a good blog shout out), soooo good. Seems Borealis “date night” is actually just on Wednesdays so we’re going back in 2 weeks the the cheaper version of our dinner. Em and I met/worked together at UofG and I’m in for a big ol’ flashback weekend having drinks tonight and brunch Sunday with a few more of my old co-workers.


fun plans this weekend, friends? what are we reading? what are we excited to watch this fall? 

ps: it’s still summer!! I’m hoping for one last patio brunch hoorah on Sunday. 


8 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. holy allthethings today, batman!

    i was just thinking yesterday that we should really start planning more than jut knowing we have a car. but there are so many decisions to make. lifeishard.

    i want to see the movie this is where i leave you, from the book you mentioned above.

  2. Jersey Boys is also a staple in my house. Particularly for weekend cooking adventures. It’s the beeesssssst. Also, this fall, I’m excited about too much TV, definitely Scandal (#teamjake), Mindy (#teamCliff), Bones, Once Upon a Time (#teamHook) and…I think that’s all. Also catching up on Buffy on netflix. Possibly going to start Orange is the New Black. If you ever plan a trip to Chicago, you can come to my house and we can Netflix binge GGs together (#teamjess). Happy Friday!

    • Did you know Jersey Boys is coming back to Chicago next May??? It’s really never too early to know these things. I’m not totally crazy, I heard they were coming back to Toronto (in December which I may be out of the country for, worst), but noticed Chicago, too! You must go. It is so good live. 8 billion times better than the movie.

      • My friend has seen the live show like 6 times (it used to be parked here in Chi and I never went. Stupid.) and we went to see the movie together and she hated it. I didn’t know it’s coming, so thanks for the head’s up. And no slacking for me this time!

  3. I LOVE jersey boys music (and hello, I’m from Jersey to begin with) but haven’t seen the show or movie yet. On my to-do list, for sure. Gilmore Girls on the christian channel-that’s surprising! I have Netflix so I’m really excited but my boyfriend may hate me when it’s released!

    • Oh yah, it was awesome! At the commercial break they’d have 4 girls (totally not so great theatre students) sit around a fake dorm room and discuss the importance of telling the truth and not cheating or lying. It was so bad. But so good. LOVE GG! Obvs, you and the bf will have an amazing time re-watching it. hahaha.

      Movie is ok (comes out on video Nov 11 btw), but the play is so so so so so good.

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