concert going (and why you should put your camera/phone down)

So, you know how I’ve mentioned about eighteen thousand times that I’m a total old lady? I really like going to bed early and prefer reading books to going pretty much anywhere after 8pm.

Last Christmas sister and I bought Mom concert tickets to see Michael Buble in Toronto at the end of June, obviously I was going with her (oh, what was that, old lady thing #18001?). We had great seats and while I don’t know all the tunes by heart, I do love me some easy listening (let’s stop counting how many times you’ll call me an old lady in one blog post, k?)

michaelbuble1 michaelbuble2

The concert was great; Mr. Bublé is charming and funny and oh those slow jamz. He’s a total crooner and sings to your soul. It’s total baby making music (and let me tell you, he made sure to remind the audience of that………maybe a few too many times for a prudeish 30 year old sitting beside her mother.)

Tiny red and white paper hearts shot out of confetti canons during All You Need is Love may forever be one of my favourite things.


What I don’t love? Smartphones at concerts.

(enter the old lady rant) Why, oh why did you pay a lot of dollars to watch the concert through your iphone screen? You love instagram, I feel you, and need to get at least one photo up there to show off how much fun you’re having/how close your seats were/how handsome the talent is. Go for it. But looking out at a sea of screens is distracting. You know you’re missing the actual performance by trying to take the peeerfect photo, right?

The music. THE MUSIC! It’s amazing. Listen to it. Enjoy it. Be in the moment. (I live in granola-hippie town, can you tell?)

Also, lets not have an actual phone conversation during the concert (yes, this happened in front of me). While we’re at it, when you’re with 7 of your closest girlfriends, trying to engage in conversation with someone 6 seats over is loud. And annoying. And I can hear the whole thing. And all I want to hear is Michael Bublé. And why are you taking 863 very dimly lit selfies?

(and this is why I probably won’t go to concerts anymore. the music is great, the people, less so. and the screaming, oh the screaming. the only not old lady thing about me may be my hearing; I can hear perfectly well, and am sensitive to loud noises)

Put the phone down. Enjoy the music. Search the internets the day after for photos and youtube videos.


Thoughts on concerts? Do you love ’em? Would you rather pay 90% less and buy the album and listen to it in the quiet privacy of your woo-girl-free home? (I really want to love them, I do; I just don’t know if I can get over the wooing and loudness and cameras and tons of other people) 

ps: it is totally not lost on me the irony of writing about how much people should just enjoy the moment by using – what are likely instagram photos – found on google for this blog post. thanks other people who spent a lot on tickets and news outlets for posting photos online. 


2 thoughts on “concert going (and why you should put your camera/phone down)

    • I’m really, really trying to remember this day as a positive one, but it’s hard. The Bubes was great, but oh the sexual innuendo. The music….focus on the music.

      You should try to find a youtube clip of all you need is love from the concert, it’s seriously magical

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