friday, i’m in love


  • I feel like I say this every few weeks, but I think I have the pre-yoga breakfast down: 1/2 cup coffee and 1 cup of oatmeal.
  • other yoga things: I was the first person in class yesterday, the next woman decided putting her mat down right beside me would be ideal. Um lady, move over. And then a hottie laid down on the other side. T’was a good morning.
  • as evidenced by today’s heat warning, and oh, the calendar, it’s still summer! So would pumpkin spiced everything kindly go away, till, well, at least October (or forever? pumpkin spiced lattes are the worst, and I looooove Starbucks) (ugh, gourds)
  • I’m having a wee love affair with Adam Levine; like a said to a friend “it’s not rehab bad, it’s I plan on using a whole lot of [puppy sitting parents] internet usage to watch ‘adam levine funny moments’ videos”. Did you see Mr. Levine on the Tonight Show this week? wheel of musical impressions. gold.
  • do any of y’all read the blog how sweet eats? I ordered Jessica’s brand new cookbook on Tuesday (thank you chapters for the 60% off promo and free shipping!); and I kind of stalked the mail lady and refused to head to the city for puppy sitting until I had the book in my hands. IT.IS.SO.PRETTY! So many polka dots. I’m in love.
  • remember last week I made you all jealous with my plans to organize my closets? The giant closet purge of fall ’14 was a great success. Chrissy, how’s your kitchen??


So what’s going on for the weekend internet friends? I’m puppy sitting (this is Brandy, isn’t she the cutest? she snores)


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