oh hello, september

(I’ve seen this floating around the interwebz and thought “heeeeeeey, this would be a great way to start each month”. you should be in my head, I really thought that. so, here’s the first installment, let’s catch up at the beginning of each month…)


making: cards. 2 just because cards are being dropped in the postbox today.

cooking: caprese salad. that’s not really cooking, it’s slicing. cooking-adjacent? and quiche. and bacon and eggs. and taco salad. I don’t really take cooking seriously in the summer.

drinking: coffee and diet coke; my two staples in life.

reading: just finishing Jennifer Weiner’s All Fall Down (loving it) and starting Jonathan Tropper’s This is Where I Leave You (looking forward to reading it)

wanting: a new pair of Toms; they’re on the list for this weekend.

playing: Lost Stars by Adam Levine. my itunes can tell you how many times I’ve listened to it, but I choose not to share that number.

wishing: Chicago PD episodes were still on OnDemand.

enjoying: quiet. I’m an itunes/tv must always be on in the background kind of girl; but I’ve been embracing the quiet so far this week. (probably because I’m seeing my dad on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, and he can talk…a lot)

waiting: for October. #sistertrip2014

liking: coleslaw. I’m in a slaw phase.

wondering: how my friends’ kids’ first day of school was. I was a pretty awkward and shy kid, the first day of school was filled with anxiety and nervousness.

loving: rainy mornings.

marveling: at how little things really are the best things.

needing: a pedicure. I dropped a chair on my toe a few weeks back, so I’m waiting till it heals properly.

smelling: sea salt & sand. I scooped up the last candle on clearance at target last week.

wearing: my workday uniform: navy lounge pants and a grey t-shirt.

knowing: it’s still summer

watching: Rookie Blue reruns. Nick Collins, I can’t quit you.

thinking: I need to get out walking again. maybe once the humidity breaks…

opening: a new bag of coffee; hello smuggled (but not really) Dunkin Donuts Original.

giggling: at movie quotes (Friends with Benefits sent to kathryn and a classic The Holiday line sis sent me on Tuesday)

feeling: not sad anymore. (if you’d like to have a good cry…and by good cry I mean sob for 30 minutes watch The Book Thief. allofthefeelings)



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