friday, i’m in love


  • long weekend plans? I have a magical Saturday planned….wait for it….I’m not venturing out of my home. Not even a little bit. I live in a University town and it’s first year move-in on Saturday, which makes all the streets and shops and grocery stores and everything else jam packed full of frantic parents and annoyed children (yes, 17 year old first year students are still children). Instead, I’m cleaning out and organizing my closet. I know, you’re jealous.
  • don’t you wish there was a trackable GPS on delivery trucks? That’s cool that you left Kitchener at 6:38am but it’s now 2pm and I’m still waiting and minimizing my liquid intake because I will so be in the bathroom when UPS gets here. (ps: this was on Tuesday. the dude showed up at 4:30pm. their timeline was “anytime before 8pm”; makes all those 4 hour delivery time frames seem not so bad)
  • why can I never buy a ripe avocado at the grocery store? I want it on my tacos noooooowwww not next Thursday. And don’t even recommend pre-package guacamole, tried it, tastes like garbage.
  • two of my favourite boys got married last weekend – in the woods – in the most romantic, perfectly them, beautiful setting I have ever seen. And I didn’t know anyone at the wedding. And they sat me with 6 of their favourite gay friends (hashtag storyofmylife). And it was awesome. We slow danced. We laughed at the moms and dads totally dancing like moms and dads. Yay new friends. (which is huge for me to say because my inner introvert was so so so so nervous about going to a wedding where I only knew the grooms)
  • tv things: how Gilmore Girls should have ended – the Rory’s bf edition (ahem, team jess). Also, I’m a binge watch a whole season of tv in a weekend kind of girl; so, I prefer DVDs to Netflix (because I like to use my internet for a whole 30 days, not just 3). Picked up the whole Friday Night Lights box set for $30 last weekend and am seeing a whole bunch of FNL in the background as I clean my closet this weekend.
  • DEALS (for canadian friends): are you looking for new workout pants? sister and I both lovelovelove the compression pants from old navy – they’re $12 today (friday) only. need new ear buds? we are also in lovelovelove with yurbuds, they’re $10 off at target – seriously, the best ear buds I have ever owned.


So, long weekend plans? (you’re jealous of the closet cleaning sesh, aren’t you?)

ps: you think today’s a doughnut day right? doughnut and starbucks? you do! I’ll see what I can do… (grocery shopping now to avoid off-at-noon-stocking-up-for-the-cottage crowds)


5 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I can also luckily do a lot of things on that list. I also don’t plan on venturing out of my house much. Your closet is my kitchen. Something must be done with my spices. Happy organizing!

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