looking back: august in alberta

(the 2013 edition)




Last summer sister and I ventured to Seattle on our yearly sistertrip. We completely lucked out with the weather, no rainy westcoast on this trip (I’m looking at you Vancouver 2012), which allowed me to eat a lot of chocolate croissants (Le Panier across from Pike Place, omgyum) and drink a lot of iced coffee in the great outdoors. We saw the Jays win at Safeco, sail boats in Lake Union, and the whole city unfold from the top of a ferris wheel.

Instead of going right back home, I stayed with sis in Alberta for another 4 days to finally (FINALLY) get into the Banff National Park in the summer.

la.moraine la.bowlake



There was also brunch, burgers, and an outdoor movie; all great but nothing quite compares to the mountains. After swearing to never return in October, hence the 2013 August trip, I’m heading back in 40 days for an Alberta-BC roadie!!! And it will not snow (I’m looking at you, October 2012)………


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