friday, i’m in love


  • a gentlemen said something hurtful and rude and completely uncalled for to me at the grocery store yesterday morning. The words? you don’t need to know. The hurt? stung really, really deep. Please be kind to other people. yah? (also, I really hate the sentiment “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle” – people don’t need to be struggling to deserve kindness, just be kind. it’s actually that simple)
  • after that heinous experience I bought some light and dark pink zebra striped garden roses. My soul is sad but my apartment is pretty.
  • ketchup potato thins; yum!
  • have you seen Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC? love it so much. Annnnd, if you watch anything else on TLC I don’t know how we can be friends….
  • I went to visit my grandma last Saturday afternoon, she got mad at me for not telling her what i wanted to eat – I didn’t know a meal was in the cards. So, she made me barlotti beans, salad, soup, and steak. And a cake. And saved me cookies that she made earlier in the week. And saved a few months of hello! magazine for me. Best grandma ever!
  • do you rehydrate dried beans, then boil to cook them? Wanna know a secret? After they’re soft (post boil) let them sit in cold water till the skin firms up so it doesn’t explode and absorb all the dressing. Boom. Tip from a couple of northern italian grandmas to me to you.
  • remember when I said I wasn’t going back to Alberta in October? Well, I’m going back to Alberta in October! For the love of everything holy, it better not snow. And then we’re roadtrippin’ to BC. Is it October yet?
  • by which I actually mean, I’m super pumped for it to be summer for another month. But really. Everyone is always looking so far in advance they can’t appreciate today (or tomorrow. or next week)
  • talking about appreciating tomorrow, I’m going to my first friend wedding tomorrow afternoon.
  • tv things: so maybe I re-watched the last 2 episodes of this summer’s season of Rookie Blue last night. And maybe I pined for Nick again. Nick Collins you are ruining men for me………good thing the only men I’ve come across lately have been attracted to other men (story of my life), one ginger hottie I spotted at the market, and the mean guy at the grocery store. So yah, I’ll just keep swooning over TV characters.
  • music things: thank you itunes shuffle for deciding to play all of Alabama Shakes. I don’t think that’s really shuffling, but I like it. And still (yes, still) Adam Levine – Lost Stars. Gah, love it so much.

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