When I made the transition from working in an office to working from home my first thought was SWEATPANTS! (I do make a conscious effort to change out of my pjs every morning, but I definitely don’t wear real clothes.) And then about 5 minutes later, woo, I can make a home cooked lunch every day.

And to that I say: lol (which, I don’t ever say in real life….so maybe a chuckle? a smirk? some side eye?)

I have one of three things for lunch; and most weeks it’s the same thing everyday: rando snack plate with sliced cucumbers or bell peppers, hard boiled eggs, cheese, sometimes a piece of toast, some sliced fruit; or french bread with melted old cheddar with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and torn basil; or quiche.


Broccoli and Pancetta Crustless Quiche

what you’ll need:
6 eggs, beaten
1 cup milk (I use 1%)
1 cup raw broccoli floretts cut into small. bite size pieces
150g pancetta, cut into 1cm cubes

how to:
preheat oven to 400°
crisp pancetta in a dry pan over medium heat on the stovetop. Once crisp, transfer to paper towels to cool
beat together eggs and milk, mix in broccoli and pancetta
pour into greased 8″ pie dish
bake for 40 minutes

serve warm: I cut a slice then add shredded cheese and broil until cheese is melted
reheat from fridge: microwave for 2 minutes, then add cheese and broil until melted. I love the gooey cheese, so prefer to add to the top instead of putting cheese in my quiche.


Pacman quiche? Yes, I’m a child at heart.


What’s your go-to lunch? 

ps: momma bears; this is yummy cold and a super easy lunch to pack for your kiddos (hashtag backtoschool…..suckers) 

pps: I definitely felt the need to share one of my favourite (easy peasy) recipes after a Liebster nomination (my 4th, y’all are too kind) from the lovely Chrissy at Hungary Buddha Eats the World; this little ol’ blogaroo was the only non-foodie one to make her list. Hearts! 


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