summer reading list

Let me preface this by saying the second week of August is NOT “the end of summer”. I don’t wanna hear summer is over or I can’t wait for fall or any sentence that include the word pumpkin. 

So, since there is still lots of summer reading time ahead of us…

Some of these are new-ish (i’m always behind the times reading new books – mostly because by the time I hear about something I’m 81st on the hold list at the library) and some are my favourite summer books.

summer reading 1

Yes, books have seasons.

I’ve been a little disappointed with new(ish) releases lately. They’re just not….great. Not satisfying. Don’t make me want to flip to the beginning and reread them. Mostly, they’re predictable and have bad endings. The One and Only, meh. A lot of people are still reading Gone Girl aka: the book I absolutely hated the most of all books I’ve ever read. The Matchmaker, ok; really predictable. The Opposite of Loneliness, the first few short stories were good, the last half was boring. Catching Air, ok, some parts were good others were painfully predictable and it didn’t really end.

So, I rely on old favourites. Books I re-read every summer at the lake or at home and know I’ll enjoy them.

summer reading 2

These are a good mix of serious and humour and beach reads.

The good (great) news? If one of these intrigues you, since most aren’t new, they’ll probably be available at your library. (ps: I loooooove the library! and unless you treat books kindly and don’t read them near food or water, you can’t borrow one from me)

I can’t pick a favourite, so don’t ask. Other than Goodnight June and The Fault in Our Stars which I just bought last month, I read all the others every summer (and if not the one listed, a Jen Lancaster book and a Elin Hilderbrand book, lots to choose from).


Not pictured but also loving: A.R. Gurney’s Love Letters ♥ Allison Winn Scotch’s The Theory of Opposites ♥ J. Counrtney Sullivan’s Maine & The Engagements. 

What’s on your summer reading list? Any favourites? I’m #2 on the hold list for This is Where I Leave You. Really looking forward to reading it before the movie comes out. 


7 thoughts on “summer reading list

  1. I am TOTALLY with you on the whole August is not the end of summer thing! Why are people trying to rush the best season of the year?! Fall will come soon enough, just calm down pumpkin people!
    Now on to books. I’ve been reading a lot this summer. Finally got around to The Fault in Our Stars a couple months ago. Currently I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest novel The Signature of all Things. It’s not at all what I expected but it’s entirely engrossing. I’m happily surprised.

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