friday, i’m in love


  • hi hi hi from the lake! not a bad “view from the office”, eh?
  • I’ve been dog sitting for my mom up here, and there is nothing like dog sitting to make me ……….never want a pet. Now, Riley (our dog) is a big time momma’s boy; he is so sad that she isn’t here. Like more sad then you’ve ever seen a pet. He woke me up 3 times Wednesday night to go outside so he could look for her. He’s sleeping by the front door.
  • we did take mr. saddy-puppy to the beach for a walk and to play in the water Thursday night; we all had a lot of fun. In Southern Ontario? Go to Long Point, it’s never busy and the water is warm.
  • Dad and I made a quick trip to Buffalo Tuesday to take my aunt to the airport; followed by the quickest “shop” at Target (my Dad is great but doesn’t get it that I could spend 2 hours in Target, so, no after 15 minutes I’m not done, but managed to pick up the 2 things I can’t buy here), then a stop at Dunkin Donuts (hot coconut coffee with cream. yes) and home. Really, I was just in it for the Dunkin, soooo, good day.
  • tv things: the first half of Rookie Blue season 5 finale was …… ok. A lot of build up for not much but some decent cliffhangers for when it starts back in the Winter. Nick Collins’ new lady friend? meh. And where is Noelle? And Celery? And why does the Commissioner show up for 1 episode and get tangled in dramz? And Steve can have a story line outside of Traci. And #tvisreallife
  • love love love the home tours on The Everygirl! They’re all so bright and airy – something my apartment is not. Don’t get me wrong, I love parts of my apartment and have picked out everything so that every person that comes over says “this is so you”, I just wish it weren’t like living in a cave. I will however always suggest blackout blinds/curtains for the bedroom. Maybe some DIY painted kitchen cabinets will be my fall/winter project.
  • can I ask y’all to be kind, thoughtful, caring individuals today? No more mean girls. No more side eye (at least not in public). No more not saying please and thank you and not holding doors open. Those aren’t random acts of kindness, that’s common decency.

3 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Ooh I need to check out those home tours. I love looking at really nice houses and making a mental list of fun things I want to do when I buy a house or apartment. I’m still in the young, free furniture, and hodgepodge decor stage of living haha.

    • definitely so many ways to jazz up free stuff though – I’ve had my couch for 10 years; it’s heinous and dirty, but a slip cover does the trick. And purchasing little things you absolutely love or framing photos/postcards/prints from etsy are a great way to make it more personal. target + ikea + etsy are pretty much my best friends.

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