friday, i’m in love


  • remember last week when I was all “I’m so cool, (ahem, I’m really not) I have alloftheplans?” This week, I went grocery shopping, to Target, to the library, to yoga, to Purolator….and that is all.
  • my grandma called me Wednesday prevening. My heart was in my throat cause she usually just calls when something bad happens, but she wanted to chat. It was the best part of my week. And then she told me about funerals, sick friends, surgeries, and her temperamental furnace (how one knows their furnace isn’t working in July is kind of beyond me; hashtag grandmas), and wrapped it all up with an invitation to the potato festival…where they eat a lot of potato pancakes…no, not latkes, but pancakes made with potato flakes. Pass. But then she says eyyyyyy loooova yoooou (all drawn out and cute) and my heart melts.
  • Canadian friends, if you can’t sleep, Friday Night Lights reruns are on YTV from 230-330am. You’re welcome. Also, come on over, it seems we’re both having trouble sleeping in the middle of the night.
  • are you a total font/graphics freak? (you know, in a good way) You should check out food network magazine. Oh goodness it’s gorgeous. Their creative director, art department, and food stylists/photographers are doing amazing things! The recipes? I have no idea…
  • it’s still unseasonably cool – which is so awesome, being outside is so pleasant – so I made braised beef and mashed potatoes. Oh hey comfort food, you are so such a nice, cozy change from salads.
  • though, cucumber, tomato, nectarine, chicken, blue cheese, avocado (no lettuce) is still my favourite this summer.
  • hey, interwebz: stop telling to do things before I die. Just tell me the cool coffee shops, the beautiful cities, the breathtaking mountains; stop making fun things morbid.
  • tv things: Rookie Blue was good this week. You felt the somethin-somethin between Nick and Andy, right? riiiiiiight? If Nick doesn’t give me an “it wasn’t over. It still isn’t over” then next week’s finale just won’t be giving me everything I need.
  • song of the week: a whole bunch of Lost Stars on repeat (yes, still). And Luke Bryan. And Buddy Holly. I’m nothing if not diverse in my musical tastes.


warm fuzzy me peeps (I mean, you can tell me how great I am, but I meant gimme so good news…). Someone (sigh….me) has been having a lot of trouble sleeping, thus, watching the news, thus, making me real effing depressed about the world. And making the Ebola joke I made a few weeks ago about drinking some iffy tap water in a sketch hole-in-the-wall bathroom a whole lot less funny. 

Civic Holiday celebrators – happy long weekend!! Long long and a half weekend over here, most of our agency friends are off at noon today, then Dad and I are headed to drop off an Aunt at the Buffalo airport Tuesday. Extended weekend and Buffalo? win-win!



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