friday, i’m in love


  • have you read Emily Giffin’s The One & Only? It was ok. Nothing that I’d buy to own permanently. (why yes, I borrow books from the library first and if I love them, I buy them.) Anyhoo, I felt about this book the same way as season one of Friday Night Lights (Texas Forever): ummmmm, there’s a lot of football. Does it get better after the football part? Thankfully FNL had lots of non-football parts, like Tammy Taylor being awesome and Matty being sweet and Tim being a stud; the book mostly just had football.
  • a good segue to tv things: aka rookie blue things: this week was better. Sweet episode. aka: I don’t really care about Andy & Sam but learning about Nick’s past was sweet. Nick Collins! I kind of forgot what else happened……
  • and to convince you that I do more than think about old episodes of FNL and watch a bunch of Rookie Blue (both are true, however), I’ve been a busy girl this last week: went to Love Letters on Sunday (HI MADELYN!), OMG so good. sooooooo good. Please see it or read the play; I’ve borrowed it from the library, it’s only 55 pages. (you’ll be pleased to know Madelyn ensured me I kept it cool, but we did get to meet Eric Jonshon, and he is very dreamy) Then lacrosse with a couple of lax wives on Monday. A day-date with Carly on Tuesday – proof that a 3.5 year interwebz friendships can be all sorts of amazing in person – I took her to all my favourite “I-wish-a-tall-blond-blue eyed-polite, well mannered-gentleman caller” places in Guelph. (what? I have a type. this and Nick Collins. and one brunette lacrosse player. and most gingers.) (um, hiiiiii, other peoples of the internet, wanna be friends??) Dinner with Dad and my Aunt tonight. Snuggles with my favourite birthday boy tomorrow (heart you Philip Parker). And then because I’ve somehow managed a whole bunch-o-plans over the last 2 weeks, I plan on sleeping for most of Sunday – I’m a total introvert, a lot of plans exhaust me.
  • I’m pretty much still eating raw veggies, fruit, chopped salads, and drinking a bunch of diet coke and iced coffee. I’m so over putting in effort at mealtime. Cooking for one can be so monotonous and boring. Other food things: I had fro-yo last Friday after a stupid morning of work delays, and…….I kind of hate it. Ice cream all.the.way! Also, I have a wicked craving for chocolate cake.
  • song of the week: Adam Levine – Lost Stars (I saw Begin Again last weekend; yes, I liked it; and yes, I’ve listened to this song 8000x – like on repeat – since)


made any good meals lately? I’m kind of craving braised beef but don’t want to have my stove on all day… seriously, how staged is your insta-game? mine don’t have 7 filters applied with 3 different editing apps, but I do try to pick a great photo and edit a little if necessary… book recommendations?


4 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Ah I need to move to Canada so we can be bff. I read that Julie Taylor thing and laughed out loud. I’m only two seasons into FNL but still, haha. I also still borrow books from the library (#broke) and definitely need one of those mugs. I might make one with the old sharpie and bake it trick.
    And I really want to see that movie It Begins. That song is awesome-thanks for making it the soundtrack to my Friday now!

    • don’t move here, much too cold; just come visit. The library is seriously my happy place, and conveniently, a 2 minute walk from my apt. Oh Julie Taylor – just you wait, she is occasionally heinous. A bunch of good, indie and Adam Levine (swoon) tunes on the soundtrack, enjoy.

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