friday, i’m in love


  • all I want these days…the 5 C’s: coffee – cherries – caprese – cheese – carbs. (and yougart)
  • this has kind of been the most perfect (for me) summer week, evah. Sunny, 22-24ºC, slight breeze. I’m so over hot and humid….oh look at that, hot and humid next week.
  • you know you’re (mostly) a full fledged adult when you have friend dates before work (HI EM!). But let me tell you, it totally started my day off on the right foot. Then I went to yoga and had a great class; maybe I’m a coffee before yoga girl instead of a warm water with lemon (ugh) before yoga kind of girl
  • is it amusing to anyone other than me (probably not) how people often use “apart” when they mean “a part”? They mean totally different things…
  • another busy weekend – at the market again on Saturday (selling cupcakes at small markets is so fun. Also, the biggest, most beautiful bouquets of flowers from a Mennonite farm for $6) and then going to see Love Letters on Sunday afternoon (starring Eric Johnson, yah, my Rookie Blue lova…swoon). It is my greatest hope I don’t weep (or fangirl) through the whole thing; the idea of love letters is so romantic and so beautiful. I can’t wait!!
  • make friends with salad! cherry tomatoes + vidalia onion + peaches + avocado + blue cheese + bacon = lunch. um, wow! like wow wow! so good! and lunch – tomato + chicken + super seedy mutligrain bun = dinner. (math is awesome. food math, awesomer. sorry if I gave you a headache sister)
  • tv things: Rookie Blue is definitely not as good as last season. Seems after seeing Katelyn last Saturday I am indeed the only person who doesn’t like Andy & Sam together. So, ah, RB, I guess you’re making everyone else happy. This girl? This girl would like some more Nick Collins. doooo itttttt.


What are you loving this week? 


2 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. This week I’m loving: summer sunsets, paying off my student debts (I know it sounds strange but it means financial freedom down the line – 😛 ), my cozy bed, Zumba, and my little family of three! 🙂

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