style me pretty…again

y’all loved my bedroom makeover (thanks!! I still really love it, too) so I wanted to share a few other of my most favourite things in my home. Welcome to my living room and office:


livingroom1 livingroom2


SAM_1105 office3

corkboard2 corkboard1


I wanted to show you some of the vacation photos that line my hallway, but my apartment is a bit of a cave and the hallway is essentially a poorly lit tunnel connecting the living room/kitchen and bedrooms/bathroom.

If you’ve been here it’s no secret I proudly have tons of photos and cards and postcards and prints framed (60 actually, I counted) alongside stunning canvases. The grey and pink one up there was from a student art sale; 100% original without the one-of-a-kind price tag. That SAIL canister holding my pens? As vintage as you can get. It’s a very old pipe tobacco can made in Holland I found in my grandpa’s apartment.


4 thoughts on “style me pretty…again

  1. Wow, I love how neat and crisp everything looks, but it’s got personality. The hanging clips are a stellar idea, unlike my stuff that is slapped right on the wall with some scotch tape…I need your skills!

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