friday, i’m in love


  • sister sent me that photo yesterday; spotted it on her walk by the bow river last night. look familiar? like the got-her-shit-together cousin to the spray paint heart photo I took a few weeks ago also by the bow. this kid just really gets me.
  • I’ve figured out my “you may still want to puke once in hot yoga, but at least you don’t want to puke for 55 minutes” breakfast. Well, not really breakfast, but the only thing that has made me feel ok for 10:30am hot yoga: a mug of warm water with lemon (which I think tastes horrible; I keep squeezing the lemon in before microwaving – no I do not have a kettle – and I think the trick is lemon after it’s warm) and 2 spoonfuls of yougart
  • yoga-related: I may need to go on the 15 day DL with all the other Jays with their hammy tightness. oy the hot yoga and me thinking I can still do splits; silly rabbit.
  • event planning meeting Tuesday, Dad visited on Wednesday, yoga Thursday and a busy workday, working at the market in the morning and a visit with my favourite lady lacrosse player/coach tomorrow afternoon – this week is flying by and full of good things!
  • did you know the world (outdoor) lacrosse championships kicked off yesterday? I bet you didn’t. Canada lost to the US (sigh) in the opening round-robin. let’s hope things turn around; these two will surely meet again in the semis or finals.
  •  tv things: just Rookie Blue. I was so pumped to hear they ordered 22 episodes, up from the usual 13; buuuuuut, only 11 will be on this summer then another 11 in the winter. rats. like usual, gimme more Nick – like a lot more – a lot a lot. #thesecretlifeofhavingamadcrushonsteamytvcharacters
  • serious summer question: chocolate ice cream? yes or no? maybe because I’m a senior citizen on the inside, but I’m a vanilla girl all the way. Vanilla with things, specifically PC Vanilla Fudge Crackle; the best ice cream of life. a close second: sprinkle party cake.
  • I haven’t been able to find any decent flowers at my local grocery stores. what’s a girl gotta do for some trader joes or whole foods blooms? (you know, other than live in the states)
  • more cause-i’m-an-old-lady things: it’s been in the low-mid 20s with a light breeze and glorious sunshine here this week. aka: best weather ever. San Diegoians (??) when can I come live with you? word on the street is, this is your weather year round. I will not however, cheer for your baseball team. the Giants are my westcoast team; sorry (not really). adopt me anyway?


have a lovely weekend friends…

ps: total lack of lols of the interwebz this week (other than awk girls guide to the gym, that’s still funny and i’ve read it 12x). find anything good?


2 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Yeah I’m a vanilla ice cream girl with rainbow sprinkles or hot fudge or mix ins (caramel, candy bits, etc.). It’s weird because I love chocolate everything else, but regular choc ice cream doesn’t do it for me. Mint chocolate chip may be fave though but I have to be in the mood for it!

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